Monday, September 5, 2016

Montreal & Quebec {Days 5 & 6}

On Day 5 of my trip, I woke up and had plans to head to the Citadel for the Changing of the Guard.  I thought I was headed there, but I ended up hiking up to the back of Citadel instead of the entrance.  At least I got some great photos while I was up there!

I eventually made it to the entrance, and got there in time to see the Changing of the Guards.  Here are a thousand pics...

The regiment's mascot is this goat.  He is awesome.

I was fascinated by the drummer wearing the leopard skin.

You could get in line to have your pic made with the Goat.  I skipped that, but did get a closeup.

The ramparts around the old town...

Churchill and Roosevelt monument

I walked from the upper town down to the market that I had visited the day before.  I needed more strawberries, and wanted to have lunch from one of the vendors at the market.  After lunch, I walked back through the lower town again.

The streets of lower town were less crowded on a Monday afternoon.

I took the funicular back to upper town
After I caught a ride back to the upper town, I made a stop at my crepe stand for a salted caramel crepe.  It ended up being the best one I tried!
This is an anglican church.  The crepe stand was located right in it's churchyard, so I enjoyed a rest there each and every day as I ate my crepe.  The day before I thought it was about to burn down.  There were 4 firetrucks in the yard, a command center set up out front, firefighters going up on the ladders...  As you can see, it was still there the next day.  I went for a quick tour after I finished my snack. 
On Day 6,  I had to check out by 1:00, so I just took a last jaunt up to the Chateau area.
I visited the crepe stand for breakfast.
Egg, Ham and Cheese crepe...
Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe
QC City Hall

I flew from QC to Newark, so here was a view from Brick City into New York City that I snapped before catching my plane home.


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