Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bathroom Decor

I'm still working on my bathroom.  This is what I had intended to blog about earlier this week before my schedule went all haywire. 

When I went to Canton Trade Days last month, I bought something to sit on the ledge by my bathtub.  I actually bought it at a store, not at the trade days.  Then I lived with it for almost a month and decided that it wasn't right.  I had to return within 30 days of the purchase, so I had to run to Canton last weekend.  I was super sad because the Trade Days weren't until this weekend, but what could I do. 

Here is a photo I took in store...

The little statue guy was what I was returning.  The lantern was what I purchased instead.

Here it is in my bathroom (it still needs more candles)...

I think that the very large scale is just what that spot needed to balance out a larger window and my huge tub.

I also bought a new basket (at Hobby Lobby).  I think that the gray tones look good with my newly painted  bathroom vanity. 

I'm hoping to get the holes drilled for the cabinet hardware this weekend.  Fingers crossed.

I'm Here!

I'm here!  Call off the search party.  I'm still alive! 

Gosh, it's been over a week since I blogged.  I intended to blog yesterday, but woke up to a pup with an eye infection.  I called our vet in Wichita Falls and asked if this was something he could call in a prescription for or if he needed to see her, and turns out he needed to see her.  We headed out after I was done with class and then...

271 miles...

3/4 a tank of gas...

and 6 hours later,

...we were back home with medicine to make my poor pup feel better.

I know that people thing I'm insane for hauling a dog all that way to see a vet, when there is a vet on every corner here in the metroplex, but there are compelling reasons for doing so.  Most of all, there is not a vet here who cares as much about Lola as our vet in Wichita Falls does.  He saw her at her worst, and he saved her from the brink of death.  Now, he wants to keep her from becoming insulin dependant, and that is my top priority too. 

I knew that steroids would be the likely treatment for her.  I've had vets here locally try to convince me that topical steroids wouldn't hurt her.  Our vet believes that while that is normally true, with Lola, they could be the thing that pulls that hair-trigger with her pancreas and creates insulin dependency.   So I choose to inconvenience myself for a day so that I get the very best treatment for my Lola! 

She has two eye drops that she has to take so that means a total of 16 drops of medicine in her eyes each day.  I'm so thankful to report that she takes them like a champ!  She was not a fan of the warm compress however. 

Thankfully, her eye is already better! 

Stay tuned, I'll blog about something fun again really soon...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I can't help myself...

Yesterday, Jennifer and I set out to try and locate some 2012 calendars.  We've had basically the same kind of calendar since 2005.  They have varied in size & colors (based on what we could find), but have basically been the same.  No, we don't use electronic calendars.  We're the Flintstones around here, okay? 

Anyway, I just cannot bring myself to use a different type of calendar.  I cannot stand change.  I am the girl that has had the same checking account since 1988, in case you needed more proof of my dislike of change.  All of those problems were solved when I finally discovered that Barnes & Noble is carrying our calendars now (yea!), but not before we just happened to be over by Nordstrom Rack and decided to take a calendar-search detour and "pop" in. 

We both have some great finds.  I'm really starting to love the Nordstrom Rack, and it honestly seems like everything I like is $25 or less.  I think that being able to identify the brands you like, is key to having success there.  Here are some of my finds...

I got this little brown "sweater".  I have 3 in this brand, but they are longer in length & believe it or not, I've somehow managed to never buy a brown one.

I got this little top.  Again, I have several things in this same brand.  It's a little weird...kind of cape-ish, but it has a defined border along the torso, so it doesn't look as odd on as it does on the hanger.

Final article of clothing that I purchased...


I've been wanting one, but every single one I've tried on made me feel kind of claustrophobic.  This one didn't and the price was right.  I kinda think this is a fad type addition to the wardrobe, so I like not having to invest much money on it.
It's a pretty blue with black outline...
Then, I got some tennis shoes.  I've been on the hunt for over a year.  It's quite a saga, really, but I settled on these Asics and I think they are going to be good.
Yes, having a little dash of pink is always on the must have list!

Y'all have to see one of the items Jennifer bought...
Itty bitty Ugg Mary Janes! 

They are beyond cute, and can you believe they are TOO BIG for Baby Harper!
Since Harper wasn't here, we tried to make Lola model them.

She was uncooperative at best.

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago (funny enough in yet another search for calendars), I got these cute shoes at Marshalls.
I've had a hard time locating brown flats, so I thought these nude color ones would work.
I like the little peep toe too...

Someone wanted their picture taken...
Okay, Lola...

look cute for the camera!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emmy Fashion

I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short.  I promised a fashion wrap-up of the Emmy's for this is my day late.  My dollar short is that I was disappointed about the fashion...wah, wah, waah.

I found some great dresses to hate...

Love her, hate her dress...
she is 13!

I like this one okay...
like all the black sparkly...

I like this, but I think Christina Hendricks looks so pretty in anything...

Sadly, no dresses I LOVE!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TV Time!

A couple of shows returned last week, but this week is definitely premier week for most of my favorite shows.  Of course, this tv week kicks off tonight with the Emmy Awards.  You know how I love an award show!  Tonight I'm pulling for big wins for two of my favorite shows...Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey. 

I'm also pulling for some fabulous fashions (stay tuned, you know a recap of the fashion is coming).

But back to the TV Shows.  I think that for the first time this year, I'm not going to add one single new show.  Maybe I will, but I don't plan to.  I watch enough as it is, and I'm still mad over the cancellation of serveral shows I liked including Brothers & Sisters (though thankfully SoapNet is starting re-runs on Monday).

Here's what is on my DVR line-up...

Mondays:  House (Fox), Gossip Girl (CW) & Castle (ABC)

Tuesdays: NCIS (CBS), Parenthood (NBC) & 90210 (CW)

Wednesdays: Modern Family (ABC)

Thursdays: The Office (NBC), Grey's Anatomy (ABC) & Private Practice (ABC)

Fridays:  Blue Bloods (CBS)

Sundays:  60 Minutes (CBS), The Amazing Race (CBS), The Good Wife (CBS) & Desperate Housewives (ABC).

Of course, I will also continue with my BRAVO shows, and will also pick up One Tree Hill on CW when it starts back.  I also didn't include the "Premium Channel" shows I watch like Weeds (Showtime) & Boardwalk Empire (HBO).  If I lived in England, I would be able to watch the start of the second season of Downton Abbey tonight on ITV, but instead I have to wait until it premiers on PBS on January 8th.  I'm totally bummed about it and I'm trying desperately to find someplace where I can watch it online before then.

What about y'all?  Are you adding any new shows to your DVR schedule?  What premiers are you most looking forward to?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love Curly Girl Designs

Have y'all seen Curly Girl Designs?  I love them.  I see them at little gift shops here and there.  Today, I saw a new "CGD saying" that I hadn't seen before.  It joined the list of ones that speak to me...

Here are some of the others that I love (with my narration on why I love them)...
I kinda think this is true, but definitely not without a cape (pink) and tiara.

I have the saying on a magnet that isn't attached to the "Happy Birthday" theme, but this was a napkin.  What a great thing to say to a person on their birthday!

I substitute pedicure in my head when I see this.  I have the magnet and I love this saying & picture.  Picture me as the curly haired girl and Lola as the white dog.

Wholeheartedly agree!

Watch out for a girl with knowledge, determination and cute pair of shoes!

So true!

Makes me cry every time I see this.

Yes!  Exactly! 
I swear I even love Bahama Bucks snowcones better than everyone's because they put little umbrellas in your snowcone!

I think I heard something today that would make a great Curly Girl too.  An attorney came up to me at the courthouse and said "Happy Hour tomorrow afternoon at 5:30.  Be there.  Don't invite any nutballs."  It's kind of cracked me up all day!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've had a pretty boring week.  Work-Got someone out of jail.  School-Gave a couple of lectures on Federalism, one on the Executive Branch & gave a couple of exams.  Exciting stuff, I tell you.  Our firm got randomly audited by the Texas Workforce Commission.  No many how many times they tell you it's only a random audit, you still panic a lot little. 

The real highlight of my week is today's hair appointment.  I needed it.  BAD.  My hair was just plain awful people.  As much as I love the end result, I hate the 3 hour appointment.  If only they could figure out how I could nap during the process...

I had decided that I wanted to change up my color a little.  I was a little bored.  I found this pic on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and pinned it...
Source: via Kara on Pinterest

So today, when my hair lady said, "What do you want?", instead of hemming and hawing, I busted out the pinterest app on my phone and showed her this photo.  Another reason to love pinterest!  Anyway, here was the result.
 I don't think it's exactly Kate Hudson color, but I do love that she warmed it up.  For some reason, she didn't want to put low-lights in as dark as Kate's.  She kept saying "But your natural color IS dark blonde".  I think that translates to, But then you won't have to come as often and pay me as much

The only other thing worth noting this week is the fricking Missoni debacle at Target.  I was at Target at 8:15 and found nada.  I went to another one and found these shoes...

I actually located 2 size 10's.  One the heel was put on askew and had glue coming out.  The other had a flaw on the suede right on the top.  The stupid things were still $40 and appear to be crapola, so I skipped them.  Did any of y'all have luck with the Missoni for Tar-jay?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years later

Can you believe that 9/11 was 10 years ago today?  I'm sure you remember right where you were when you heard the horrible news.

I had taken the BAR in July and was waiting until November on the results.  I was substitute teaching in Nocona during that time.  I had taken over for a teacher on maternity leave and was teaching 6th, 7th & 8th grade Math and P.E.  Lord help those kids that had me teaching them Math for 6 weeks, but that's another story for another day, and just note that I pray on a regular basis that I didn't impair their education too much. 

Anyway, I had no 1st period class, but I had to be there anyway.  So I would get to school at 8:00 and watch The Today Show.  I was watching and they cut from the normally time-delayed program to live feed and reported a plane had struck the first tower.  Of course, a few minutes later, I watched live on TV as the next plan struck the second tower.  I'll never forget how I couldn't believe what my eyes had seen.  I still really can't.

I went down the hall to tell the office staff that I thought they should turn on the tv because it appeared something major was happening.  I remember being more open with my 7th & 8th graders about what was going on, even letting them see some of the coverage.  Of course we watched the coverage grow to include the fall of the towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93.  I remember that I was totally freaking out on the inside, but trying to keep it together for the kids.

Here are some of my personal World Trade Center photos that I wanted to share...

On my first trip to NYC in December 1995, I got to go up one of the towers to the public viewing place.  You can see the shadow of both towers and the other tower there to the left...

The towers were the twin giants in this iconic backdrop of lower Manhattan...
These were from my 1997 trip...
My next trip was in February 2005, and these were taken at Ground Zero...
This scuplture that had survived and been moved to Battery Park...
and again, that iconic backdrop...
It will never look the same to me.  Each time I see it, I think about those two towers that are missing.

I remember how united this country was on 9/12/01. The day after the attacks, everyone was American. There wasn't party division. There wasn't bickering. Osama Bin Laden wanted to destroy America, but he was unable to do that by hijacking four plans and killing thousands of Americans.  There was a consensus in this country that we were strong and we would overcome.  

Now it seems that 10 years later, this country is being destroyed.  It's not being destroyed by the likes of OBL or other terror groups, but fighting amongst ourselves.  We need to remember that back in 2011, we prayed for our leaders, not just the leaders that we personally approved of, or that we personally would vote for, but all of our leaders.  We prayed for them to succesfully lead this country out of that dark hour.  I believe that the same must be done today.  We need a consensus to lead us out of this economic crisis.  If we don't, then we will have assisted OBL in his pursuit to destroy this great country.  I hope that this 10th Anniversary will serve as a reminder to a bickering country that United We Stand...

So on this 10th Anniversary of one of our nation's darkest days, I pray this for our country:
"May our faith be fearless, our hope be stubborn and our ambitions for our nation audacious and unbounded." ~Cory Booker


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