Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shopping Jackpot!

Today I headed out without any plans to really shop, but totally hit the shopping jackpot!  Isn't that the way it always goes?  Anyway, I intended to go to Calloways because they were having a today only special...3 pumpkins for $14.  I also planned to hit up Marshall's to see if they had our law firm's calendars for 2011 (they get the ones we like, and yes, we still use paper calendars).

I got my 3 pumpkins...
I also bought a few mums and a crotan for the front pots to replace my alien looking impatients.  You know, the one that have lost all their leaves in the scorching heat of summer, but are starting to regrow from the bottom of the plant!

But while at Marshall's, I hit the real jackpot.  A little background: I've looked high and low for candy corn garland for my Halloween tree for years.  I've even looked online and couldn't really find what I was looking for.  I went so far as to try and make it with real candy corn (people say it can be done, but I had no luck).

Imagine my surprise today when walking through Marshall's and saw this...
It is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

I'll probably decorate and put up the tree this weekend, so I'll show you the end result, but I know it's going to be FAB!
Then as if candy cane garland wasn't enough, I found these...

Tea cups and Saucers for my Spode Christmas!  They are really the only "missing piece" to my collection.  I had mugs, but not tea cups.  I hadn't ever bought these because they are kind of costly, but I was able to get the cup and saucer for $5.99!  Jennifer bought me 8 for my upcoming birthday, and I bought an additional 2 sets.

I honestly have no idea which of these two purchases I'm more excited about!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

(1) Status of Allergy Assault 2010:  My head is less congested, but now I've got borderline bronchitis.  This is no surprise.  It always goes this way for me.  Good news is that I go from over production of snot, to bronchitis, and then next step is usually well.

(2) Lola is having some allergy issues too.  It's such a double edged sword...if she is outside she is too busy to lick her paws, but the more she is outside the more she wants to lick.  What's a puppy mom to do?

(3) The weather has been great, but I've felt too bad, or have known that being outside in all the pollen would be too bad for me to really go out and enjoy it.

(4) I'm seriously disliking one of my classes.  I don't like it when I have a bad attitude about one whole group of students, but these kids are seriously ticking me off!

(5) I am SO ready for the time to change.  It is so darn dark in the mornings when I have to go to class early. 

(6) I went into CVS yesterday to get some more drugs.  I like to shop around and see how many combinations of things I can take all at once!  I asked if I could get the flu mist there.  They said no, but I could get a shot.  I hate flu shots.  They hurt so bad.  I usually have a whole year to get over it, but as you know less than 5 months ago I had to get that tetanus shot that HURT BEYOND BAD.  So now, I haven't had my normal time to "get over it".  The girl at CVS said, "Do you want to get a shot?".  I say, "NO!  I have to prepare myself."  She looks at me a little perplexed and said, "Do you want me to get the pharmacist to give you a shot?".  To which I reply AGAIN, "NO!  I said I have to get myself mentally prepared!  I'm not there today!".  She thinks I'm nuts.  Maybe I am.

(7) A couple of weeks ago, when the temperatures were still hotter than I wanted them to be, and I was beyond ready for summer to end, I decided to put an end to my summer nail color.  I normally go to this darker brown color and then after about 6-8 weeks of that, I transition into my dark purple blackish color I wear all winter.  But for some reason, I skipped right to the Lincoln Park After Dark (Dark purple/blackish).  It just didn't feel right.  It was too much too quick.  Now, I've got on my "Oh to be 25 Again!" and all seems right in the world...

Finally, I'm going to be doing another giveaway at some point this week, so keep checking back!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Final Day of NOLA Vacation- {Last Monday}

We got an early start on Monday because we were renting a car and heading out of town to see as many plantations as possible.  There's no food info in this post because, well, our food choices were based on speed or the airport, so we had McDonalds and Subway.  Please keep in mind that I really did edit down the number of photos...I promise!

First, we went to Houmas House in Darrow, Louisiana...

It's one of my favorites...
Why they had to have the stupid blue tractor parked out front, I'll never know!
The side of the house...

Houmas House is now owned by a very eccentric man.  He has spend tons of money on the gardens.  I could show you a ton of photos of the garden, but I've narrowed it down a little.
There are very majestic live oaks surrounding the house...
I cannot tell you how badly I wish that my live oaks could grow this spanish moss!
Love it!
Our next stop was Nottaway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana.
It is the largest antebellum plantation in the South...
This is also a B&B and you can actually stay in rooms inside the house.
I think it is totally a house I could have lived in way back in the 1850's because unlike other homes of its time, it had electricity (due to a gas plant on the property), closets, and running water and toilets in its three bathrooms (one on each floor)!
Even though it looks like it was possibly added onto over the years, it wasn't.  It was all built at once.
Next was Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana.
The Alley of Oaks...

View from the balcony...
Then we planned to go just down the road and visit Laura Plantation, but when we got there we were afraid that their extra long tour would run us too close on time since we had to catch flights that evening.  Then we decided to just go drive by a couple of other plantations.  Several that we have no photos of, but one we did take photos of was Destrehan
You may recognize it from "Interview with a Vampire"
Sadly, at the end of our great plantation tour, we had to leave New Orleans.  I was so sad to return to reality, to normal food, to work, to school, and to laundry.

However, I was happy to return to my little sweetie, Lola Marie!
I think she likes her Otter souvenir from the Aquarium and has already learned his name
{meaning when I say go get your otter, she does...smarty pants!}
The End!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

NOLA Day Three {Last Sunday}

Sunday started off with Brunch at the famous Commander's Palace

Abby & I each had identical courses, so that limits the number of photos!  For our appetizer, we had crab and brie grilled sandwiches served with a tomato bisque...
For our main course, we had Eggs Couchon De Lait - Two farm fresh eggs over couchon de lait &
warm buttermilk biscuits with house made bacon and spicy tasso hollandaise
And for dessert...their world famous Bread Pudding Souffle
It's one of my all time favorite desserts!

After stuffing ourselves until we could barely move, we took a walking tour of the Garden District.
We started across the street from Commanders at Lafayette Cemetery Number 1...
Then we took in all the wonderful homes that Americans built after the signing of the Louisiana Purchase...
Every single time I've done this walk, I'm most drawn to this house...
It's not the largest, or most grand, but I love it.
After walking and walking, we decided to take a cab to the World War II D-day museum for a couple of reasons: (1) In all my trips to NOLA, I've never been, and most importantly (2) It was air conditioned!  (It was HOT and HUMID!)

In addition to the museum, we visited the new Victory Theatre across the street to see "Beyond All Boundaries", a 4-D movie that provides you with temperature changes, smells, seat shaking, snow coming down in the theatre, etc.  The brochure said it would be like "being in the war" which caused us a little concern, but the only part that I thought was "bad" was the atomic bomb explosion...I didn't enjoy that!

The museum had a special exhibit about the participation of Animals during the war...
Turns out Abby's dog Bailey (an English Springer Spaniel) and Lola's cousin (Giant Schnauzer) would have been top choices.  We discussed that we would NEVER let Bailey or Lola go to war!
This is from the gift shop and caused me to giggle...
After the museum, we walked to Lee Circle and caught the Street car which we rode to the end in Carrollton and then back again to Canal street. 

For dinner we went to GW Fins.  It was probably our least favorite meal, so I'm not including all the photos.  We had the 3 courses of Lobster.  Our main course was suppose to be stuffed lobster.  We assumed a stuffed lobster tail, but we got the whole lobster!
Neither of us are fans of food that looks like it did while alive!
We decided that none of the desserts really struck us as great, so I called Emeril's French Quarter restaurant, NOLA, to see if they had room for us for dessert.  They said they had two stools at the bar, so we walked on over because I recalled that they always had several dessert choices that sound wonderful.

They did have several, but we chose the banana pudding pie.

After dinner it was time to hit the room to pack up because we wanted to get an early start on Monday morning for our plantation tours.  Stay tuned...


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