Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling Hot, hot hot!

I hate the heat!  I may have mentioned this a time or fifty.  This forecast makes me want to give up all will to live...

Why, oh why, do I live in Texas?!?!  I wanted to stay in the air conditioned house all day with the ceiling fan over me and the stand fan also blowing on me while drinking ice water.

That being said, for some reason, I decided to do a little gardening today.  I have had some bad luck with the flowers that I planted in my front yard this summer.  Bad luck is putting it mildly...They look like crap.  While most all of them look like crap, I decided to pull up the crappiest of the crap and replace them.  I hope to Miraclegrow the others and bring them a little more life. 

My flower bed is so hard to describe to the people at the nursery that they finally suggested I experiment with a light meter.  Before doing that, I think I'm going to try and photograph my front bed every 30 minutes tomorrow and then I can use the photographs to figure out the sun exposure vs. the shade. 

This is what I finally settled on buying...
I thought they were pretty and I liked the colors...
I figured with these, you aren't dependent on something blooming. 
As long as they have leaves, they should look good.
And mostly, I liked the name. They're called Perilla Magilla.  Perilla Magilla!  Perilla Magilla!
It's so fun to say over and over again!
I decided to show y'all a picture of them today since based on my gardening luck this summer, they will likely be the newest version of crap in about a week!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Week in Review

Since I've been busy/tired/lazy/internet-less for a good portion of the week, I'm finally getting around to blogging about my week. 

On Wednesday, my friend Suzanna came over with my little friend Kate.  It was Kate's 2nd Birthday! 
We did a little shopping.  I got some necklaces for my new outfits and this pair of shoes...
Love these shoes!
Kate was adorable in DSW.  Before Suz or I knew it, she had her shoes off and was trying on pairs of the adult shoes.  She loves shoes so much!  She was promised a trip to Stride Rite later in the day and a new pair of crocs,which she got and are just the cutest things I've ever seen...
Before Suz came over from Fort Worth, she stopped by a magical place.  She called the day before and said she had heard of a new cupcake/cookie/other goodie place called J.Rae's.  I had also heard of J.Rae's and gave her my order. 
Let me just say...
Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek...
Some people are connoisseurs of wine.  Well,  I am a connoisseur of cupcakes. 

If they had Sommeliers for cupcakes, I would totally be one.  Believe me when I tell you that I have tried cupcakes from sea to shining sea.  And these cupcakes...
are the best I've ever had!  And the cookie, oh the cookie was phenomenal!  Just phenomenal.  It's a very good thing this place is so far away, but if I'm ever having something that needs cookies or cupcakes, I'm making the hour drive over there for them.
Today, I went down to Dallas after court.  I had a yummy lunch at Breadwinners and then headed to the super secret fancy jewelry store to get my links for my watch.  While they were installing the links, they let us browse, which was fun.  In addition to getting the links, they polished my watch.  In fact, it needed polishing so bad that they asked if all of the links were originally shiny or if some were brushed.  Yeah, that watch needed some love and boy did it get it....
Look how shiny!  It's like brand new!  And now I can wear it without it turning my arm blue :)  I'm so happy!

Then my car automatically drove back to Nordstrom.  I know, I know.  But the sale goes off this weekend!  Honestly, I've been trying to decide on whether or not I want a leather jacket that they had.  It fits me really well, which is a miracle.  It was on the sale too.  I bought it to consider at home and if I change my mind I can always return it.  Also, if I decide I do in fact want it, Mom and Dad will be giving it to me for my birthday.  This is it though!  No more trips to the Nordstrom's sale!

Now I'm just sitting at home for my Time Warner Cable guy to come by and check out something with the internet.  I have no faith that the internet will be working once he comes and jacks with it, so I wanted to be sure and blog before he gets here!

Finally, my 2nd Blogiverary is approching quickly.  Be on the lookout, because I'm going to be doing a little giveaway to celebrate!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back in Business

I'm back in business, but too busy/tired to post a real blog post right now.  I do have stuff to blog about, so stay tuned! 

I'm so happy to have internet again, I can hardly stand it.  It required a trip to Plano to exchange out my modem with Time Warner Cable.  I think we are fully back up and running, but it was questionable for a while and I had to get on the phone with those darn TWC technicians again.  They are sending someone tomorrow to check something.  Who knows. I'm so computer illiterate.  At one point in my conversation with TWC I asked "how come it isn't working now and it was 3 minutes ago!" to which Mr. Technical Guy started to reply with "I told you a minute ago..." when I promptly cut him off and said "LOOK!  I DON'T SPEAK GEEK!  YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE SPEAKING TO ME IN CHINESE AS TO TELL ME TECHNICAL TERMS ABOUT THIS COMPUTER STUFF!"

It's been a frustrating day.  I think I'm so tired from that nonsense plus my body is still recalling that 9 years ago on the Thursday of this week in July 2001, I was finishing the 3 day/2 month BAR exam.  Every year at this point, it has sympathy pains for my 24 year old self! 

In case I don't get to blog again today, I want to alert you to the Dillards sale... 40% off of all already permanently reduced merchandise!  I got a few great gifts and a couple of somethings for myself! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out of commission

My $&@?! Internet is down. Has been all $&@;)!&$ day! I hate time Warner cable. They make me understand homicidal tendencies.

I have stuff to blog about too! If it's not better tomorrow I may have to go to Starbucks or panera with the laptop!

Monday, July 26, 2010

i should be banned...

At this point, I should be banned from entering Nordstrom.  I went back tonight, took advantage of the Anniversary sale again, and got loads of cute stuff. 

More swingy long sweaters... More tops (more work oriented this time), and a couple of cute outfits that go with leggings (LEGGINGS!!!  Am I nuts?).

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Girls Day at the Mall

Today was a day for us girls to hit the mall.  I have been planning for awhile to take Maddie and Gracie to see "Ramona and Beezus".  I read all of the books back in the day, and I gave the girls all the books two Christmases ago.  Maddie was tied up in a Girl Scouts activity until 11:30, so it was just Gracie and me for bit.  We had lunch in the food court...

Then I taught Gracie how to smuggle cookies into the movie.  We met up with Maddie and their Mom before the movie started. 
It was really, really cute.  Since I read the books a hundred years ago I don't know how true the movie was to the book, but it was good.  I will say that I didn't picture the Quimby parents being quite this pretty...
and Uncle Hobart... yeah, I know I didn't picture him looking like this...
not that I'm complaining of anything!

After the movie, I parted ways with the girls and planned to "just run into Nordstrom".  They are having their Anniversary sale.  If you aren't familiar, the Anniversary Sale is the sale to end all sales.  What's so great about it is that it is all new Fall preview stuff.  It isn't dirt cheap, but it is certainly reduced prices.  I always purchase bras and Spanx (and sometimes a purse) for my Mom to give me for Christmas, but since I got bras so dirt cheap a few weeks ago, I was only intending to get the Spanx. 

Well, it so happens that I walked past the clothing section and stopped to look at a cute top.  This really nice sales lady stopped and helped me.  Then it was on.  This sales lady was to me what I am to all my friends.  She brought me stuff and helped me decide what pieces to buy.  I really like all that I got.  Check it out...

This navy blue ruffle tank really surprised me.  Didn't think I'd like it, but it's cute on!
The next two tops were on for 2 for $50!  Just one was $40, so of course I got two...
This grey one has beading all along the cut out areas...
and this one, I'm already calling it my Real Housewives of OC shirt...
I'm not sure that's a great thing, but I guess a little bling never hurt!
and because I would NEVER wear any of these without something covering my arms...
I got this black "sweater" with ruffles (it's really a thin fabric, not sweater-y)
and this one...

Here are the complete ensambles...

If you need a great sales lady at Nordstrom (Northpark Dallas), shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you her name!  She was great!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Like I Know Them!

Here's the deal, I kind of think of TV characters on the shows I watch as real people. I think we've probably already established this in the "OH MY GOSH I SAW NATE ARCHIBALD IN COURT TODAY!" post, but it's totally true.  My friend Billy gets super annoyed when he hears "us girls" talk about the characters of our shows like the really exist, but then he also says that Jane Austen novels are like Harlequins, so what in the heck does he know!  But I digress...

Here's another example:  Last week I was so happy to see these photos of Jennifer Garner, her kid's and Victor Garber walking in NYC.  Seriously, in my mind, it was Sydney Bristow, she and Michael Vaughn's kids, and Jack Bristow taking a walk!  (The show I'm referencing is "Alias," in case you missed out on all that awesomeness) 

But now to the real issue that I'm wanting to blog about. I was catching up on my DVR build-up last night and one of the shows I was watching was "Army Wives".  So I have to ask you fellow "Army Wives" viewers this question:  What in the heck is the deal with Claudia Joy's kitchen cabinets?  I mean, they have the nicest house on base.  Their appliances are upgraded to stainless steel.  But those darn cabinets that are gold with painted on green ivy accents are just about to drive me nuts!  For goodness sake, go buy a gallon of paint and cover that ugly mess up!

I feel so much better getting that off my chest.  Please don't call the authorities to come with the butterfly net, it's just my little bit of crazy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Adventures

I had to leave my house early this morning (at least by my standards) because I had to be in Dallas for a Jury Trial.  We got to the give-you-cooties Dallas court house at about 8:50.  We waited until almost 11:00 with nothing happening.  Finally we just reset the thing and left.  I no longer have any questions about why it takes things so long to actually make it to trial in Dallas county. 

Since it was about lunch time, I talked Jennifer into making our way over to Houston's for lunch.  Only we got there to find that Houston's is no longer Houston's but is instead Hillstone.  We went ahead and went it and it turns out that they just changed the name of the Park Cities Houston's to Hillstone.  They have the same menu with a few exceptions, and since I don't care about those exceptions, the name change is really of no consequence to me.  After a yummy lunch, the adventure really started.

I need to back up here a bit and give you some background.  I have a great watch.  I love my watch.  It's always been a little tight.  Several years ago, when it was getting the battery replaced, etc., I tried to purchase an additional link or two.  The guy at my watch repair place refused to sell me any.  He says that watches are suppose to fit tight, not loose like a bracelet.  He told me if I wanted a bracelet, to "go buy a bracelet", but I need to wear my watch like a watch should be worn.  Okey-dokey.

So my watch has always been kind of tight.  Now, cut to hand that is swollen (still) and that swelling extends down to my wrist.  Watch is really too tight.  I call grumpy guy on the phone yesterday to see if he has any additional links.  He says no, but call this number and talk to Tom.  Tell him I sent you.  I call, I talk to Tom, Tom gives me an address and says come by.  He tells me to tell the receptionist that Tom said I could come it and that grumpy over from watch repair had sent me. 

Since it was near our lunch location, we went over.  We had to go up to the second floor of this completely nondescript  building where we located a receptionist behind thick bullet proof glass with security cameras about located about every foot along the wall.  I relay the secret codes, "tom, grumpy man..." and she takes my info (full name, etc.) then says "Please go to the waiting room".  She proceeds to buzz me through to a waiting room.  At this point, the decor changes.  It isn't kind of dumpy anymore, but is becoming pretty darn swanky.  I sit and wait for a minute, when I hear another door buzz and out comes a well dressed gentlemen to escort me in.  We are buzzed back into a showroom that is reminiscent of the Crown Jewels exhibit at the Tower of London.  "Holy crap!" I think to myself,  "This is where really, really, really rich and exclusive people come to buy jewelry!". 

So it turns out they are going to have to order the links because they were slightly changed a few years ago and they didn't have any of mine on hand.  What a total bummer since now I'll have to go back to the swanky top secret jeweler and ogle all their jewels again! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

Nothing too exciting to report around here, just a couple of random items...some involving reality tv, so if you're disgusted with me posting about it, please note that I'm equally disgusted with my watching it.  It's an addiction and I don't think I've hit rock bottom yet, so I'm not planning to get help any time soon.

(1) The Bachelorette:  I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of all those out there in blogville that think Chris is WAY TOO GOOD for Ali.  I hope she picks Roberto.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothin' wrong with Roberto, but I just think Chris deserves better.  I know he will be heartbroken, but he doesn't need all the tv/celebrity stuff in his seemingly normal life. 

(2) RHNJ:  I so wish they'd kick Danielle off.  Did you see today in the news that she has now turned on her  thug friend Danny and called the police on him.  Ugh!  Hate her!

(3) Real World:  Okay, so this is one that I stopped watching years ago when, in my opinion, it went downhill.  I probably thought it went downhill since I remember the early days: NYC, San Francisco, etc.  Well according to Lisa, this season is in New Orleans (again?  really MTV, there are some cities you haven't been to yet).  She says if you love NOLA like we do, it's worth watching an episode or two.  Apparently they have a to-die-for Garden District House.  I haven't caught an episode yet.

(4) Speaking of NOLA:  I think I mentioned last week that I was starting to plan a trip.  Well it's booked baby!  Abby and I are headed to the Big Easy mid-September.  I got a great hotel price (thanks to the uncle and his Marriott connections) and my parents' gave me their soon to expire Southwest free ticket, so I got my flight for $2.50 each way!  Can't beat that!  Now I'm trying to plan some activities and oh so fabulous restaurants, so that I can break first-timer Abby in right!

(5) I have to go to Dallas tomorrow.  We are set for a jury trial.  I hate going to court in Dallas.  It's like traveling to a third world might get robbed, see things that are sad, and you might pick up a communicable disease.

(6) Have you heard the reports that there have been sightings of two tigers on the loose in downtown Dallas?  That's what the news is reporting.  Jennifer thinks it is the least of our problems (see #5).

(7) Tonight is another 4 hour marathon night of school.  I like teaching, but 4 hours is just a total whipping.  After tonight, there's only 7 classes to go though!

(8) I officially started Christmas shopping today!  Only 158 days left, let the shopping begin!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Electronic Evolution

Yesterday, when I got home from Nocona, I quickly unloaded my car and plopped down on my couch to fulfill my weekly One Tree Hill addiction.  I watched season one last summer, and am trying to plug through season 2 and then some this summer.  Unfortunately, I discovered that my DVD player had quit me!  What's a girl to do?  Does a crack addict rush out to buy a new pipe when she discovers her's is broken?  Does an alcoholic run out to the liquor store when they discover their bottle is empty?  Well, an addict of teenage drama shows who discovers her DVD player is broken, must headed out to Sam's Club to get a new DVD player!

My old DVD was purchased in May 2001.  Please ignore the 5 years worth of dust on top.  This is my good for nothin' DVD player that quit me at this crucial juncture in my addiction...

Now check out my new $34 one from Sam's!  Look how small it is compared to the old dinosaur from 2001!
Electronic Evolution amazes me!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Weekend at Home

As I've mentioned already, this weekend I went to Nocona for my Meme's second 80th Birthday party.  A few of us family members took her out on her actual 80th Birthday, but on Saturday, we had a party with the rest of her kids present as well as friends.  Here are some pics (while viewing, please keep in mind that the church hall that was our venue, was less than pretty)...

Papa and Meme
My Amy, My Uncles' Wives, Nancy & Gina, Mom and Me (left to right)
I made Mom and Dad pose for a pic because they were both coordinating in purple...

Dad said it was twerp week.  Did y'all have twerp week back in High School or was that just a Nocona thing?  If you didn't, one day in twerp week was dress alike day.
This was pre-party at the house... Dad & Milly watching T.V.
After the party, it was pool time!
My cousins, Maddie and Gracie were staying with my other grandma and they came over to swim.

These girls crack me up because they are such fancy city girls.  I was ordering their dinner from Dairy Queen and they wanted chocolate shakes.  Gracie said, "get it with extra whipped cream!".  I had to say, "Oh honey, it's Dairy Queen, they don't do whipped cream on milk shakes."  "Oh," she said, with a puzzled look on her face.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is Never Boring...

Today, Miss Lola and I headed out of town.  We have a Big 80th Birthday party to attend this weekend for my Meme in Nocona.  Lola was also due for her vaccinations, so I decided to head to Wichita Falls today to see our favorite vet.

We got to the vet, our favorite vet Joe was there, Lola got a good report.  Everything seemed to be going great.  Lola actually only got her rabies vaccine because Joe didn't want to risk giving her the others with her bad pancreas.  Actually, he didn't want to give her the rabies either, but since she catches rats, squirrels, etc. on a fairly regular basis and since the law requires it, he gave it to her.

After the vet appointment, I headed to Bahama Bucks and got the snowcone I had been dying for all summer long.  Everything was going great.  We made the 55 minute drive back to Nocona.  We got there, hung out for a while and then about 5:00, we all noticed Lola was itching.  About 5:20 the itching was pretty bad.  I reached down to feel her back and she was covered in welts!  I looked at her tummy and it was splotchy red and felt on fire.  I called the vet, they said come back, so literally I did a scoop and run.  I scooped her up, ran out the door, hopped in the car and high-tailed it back to WF to the vet. 

I was the puppy ambulance and I was driving fast, really fast.  Why I don't know, because once we got there, we waited well over an hour.  Apparently some cat had gotten its eye scratched out or something and that was deemed more important than Lo's allergic reaction.  Lola was miserable!  She was rolling around on the floor, crying, scratching, rubbing her eyes, and much to everyone's amusement, trying to dig a hole in the tile floor of the vet's office. 

Finally, we saw a vet, but not our vet.  I've never seen this doc before, but he was nice.  Actually, he walked in and said "OH!  I know Lola".  "Of course you do!" I thought to myself, "She paid for your vacation last year!"  Anyway, Lola got a benadryl shot.  We headed back home, one relieved puppy mom and a doped up puppy.  Since then all seems to be going well.  I gave her some additional benadryl before bedtime, and am thankful she doesn't have to have another vaccine for 3 years!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Oh My!

Restoration Hardware sent me a Bathroom catalog yesterday and be still my heart!  I'm in LOVE! 

Look at these antique looking cabinets with your choice of marble tops of course...Italian Crema or Carrerra
I'll take a double vanity with Carrera top please!
I've got to start playing the lottery so that I can win enough money to renovate!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 5

As you can see there in my photograph, my "little" town of McKinney, TX is considered #5 in the top 100 places to live in the United States according to Money Magazine In addition to that, the city of Allen, TX, which is less than 2 minutes from my house is #16 on the list. 

While I normally love living here, I discovered today that TXDOT has closed down the exit to my street off of the main highway through town and it's like a 5 minute detour!  UGH!  Guess I need to focus on the things that made us 5th instead of the traffic woes plaguing my daily life right now!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Blues

I have a little bit of a case of the Monday blues.  This particular Monday is sad because summer school started today.  I am teaching Tuesday & Thursday nights the next 5 weeks.  Don't get me wrong, I like teaching.  However, I teach from 6-10:10 p.m. each of those nights.  4 hours of class!  4 hours of holding students' attention!  As fascinating as I am (ha!), they're bored after 45 minutes, trust me!  So, I have to get creative and have some library time, movies, etc.  It's the only way through.

I went to the physical therapist today too.  She was on vaca last week, so i haven't been in a little while.  I was desperately in need of an ultrasound treatment.  It breaks up some of the swelling and scar tissue and makes it feel better.  I seem to have overdone it though because one of my joints is bruised (err...I was trying to get my finger to straighten out).  I also asked "why is it all red right there in that spot?" to which my therapist replied, "that's blood pooling."  Fantastic.  Now, I've got a new "device" on my finger.  It a sock like thing, but the inside is coated in silicone.  How that's suppose to help, I've got no clue, but I'm wearing it!

Because I have the Monday blues, I've been trying to do other things that have given me some excitement.  Those things involve PLANNING rather than DOING, but I like to plan and it gives me something to look forward to.  What am I planning?  Well let me tell you...

(1) Restaurant Week:  It just happens to be on my lone week off between Summer II and Fall Semesters.  So in addition to hitting up the Ryan Star concert on Tuesday of that week, I'm going to hit up one or two restaurants.  It's $35 for a 3 course meal at some of the best restaurants in town.  I've gone ahead and made two reservations.  Jennifer and I are doing a Law Firm outing one of those nights, but I just might just keep the other reservation too if I find someone else who wants to go.  I have Stephan Pyles on Wednesday night and III Forks on Thursday night.  YUMMY!

(2) NOLA:  Yep, started planning a trip to one of my favorite cities!  My friend Abby has tragically never been to NOLA, so it is time to change that!  We are looking at a couple of dates in September.  And again, YUMMY!

(3) T.V.:  So this isn't long term planning, but tonight is a great tv night!  The Closer season premiers!  This stupid Bachelorette that I've gotten sucked into the last couple of weeks looks to be interesting to say the least.  Real Housewives is back on with an explosive looking episode, plus there is the What What Happens Live after the show that I'm beyond addicted to.  Finally, I'm giving Rizzoli & Isles a shot...stars Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander (she played Kate on NCIS and I liked her then) and finally Lorraine Braco.  The DVR will be smoking after tonight's over!

So planning all of these events has helped turn my Monday from blue to pink (my happy color)!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who comes up with this stuff?

I got the August issues of In Style in the mail yesterday and had time today to flip through.  There is one article titled "10 New Style Statements".  It's all about breaking old rules and making a new fashion statement.  I want to know, in all seriousness, who comes up with this stuff?  Let me walk you through them:

(1) "Match Your Lips To Your Dress":  Here's my take:  since there is about a 98% chance my dress is going to be black, I'm thinking I don't need to be rocking the black lipstick.  Goth makeup and blond curls really don't mesh.

Let me provide illustrations for you on the rest...

(2) "Let Your Ends Hang Out": Okay, so I do this one by accident when I've sloppily put my hair up and (3) "Go Strapless For Day":  Yeah, because I don't have enough of a hard time keeping up with my crap every where I go.  That's just what I need a clutch purse...

(4) "Show Off Your Hem":  I've really got no problem with this.  I don't care if your hem hangs out below your skirt, but (5) "Rock Socks with Skirts":  Not unless you are under the age of 5!  If I see you doing this, I will mock you!
(6) "Mismatch your Prints":  I know a lady who dresses like this.  Not because she's edgy, but because she has zero sense of style.  Several years ago, my friend Lisa told her to pack up her wardrobe and not to let it see the light of day until she was 85.  I think this may make people believe you've graduated from Clown College.

(7) "Clash Eye Colors...":  Now I'm a fairly daring person when it comes to make-up.  I mean heck, I do own false eyelashes... I don't remember how to put them on, but that's beside the point.  However, wear this look and I'm afraid people will think you have escaped from Cirque du Soleil.
(8) "Denim on Denim":  Been there.  Done that.  I'm not going back.

(9) Untame Your Tresses":  "Let Your hair go Wild and Big" they say.  Finally! Something I'm 100% on board with!  Mainly because I have never really tamed my tresses, but I'll be cutting edge this fall!

(10) "Add Edge to Evening Wear":  Fine by me.  I don't wear evening wear, and am not really hip enough to add edge if I did. 

What do you think?  Are you girls on board with any of these?


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