Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Decorated for the 4th {FINALLY}

I cannot believe that I just remember to decorate for the 4th, and then I did a half hearted job of it at that! I didn't get up into the attic to get out my favorite 4th decoration (Uncle Sam) for a variety of reasons, but I did buy a couple of new things for the mantle, so hopefully they will balance each other out of the effort scale...

Here is the mantle...
A close-up of the details...
The "liberty and justice for all" was aquired on super sale last year for a mere couple of dollars.  It "lives" on one of the shelves in my office, since you know, the justice for all is kind of part of my daily life, but I busted it out it's everyday spot for this holiday.  The little uncle sam in the parade car was purchased this week at Michaels on sale.  I thought he was too cute to pass up for $6!

I also got this cute little bucket this week at World Market...
I went into World Market because I wanted to see these placemats and napkins that I saw in their advertisement...they have the preamble on them.  I'm such a nerd that I totally covet those constitutional linens, but I'm waiting to see if they are still around on post-holiday sale.  Anyway, I thought this little vintage looking bucket was so cute and totally worth the $3.99.
I bought some flags, 3 for $1 at Michaels, and made a little arrangement...

On the coffee table, I have a runner...

Outside, I have some flags...
and a couple of other things...

And that's all folks!  Maybe I'll do better next year and Uncle Sam will get to see the light of day!

Wednesday's List

(1) Have you looked at Southern Living for July? The recipes in this one edition are to die for...Grilled Shrimp Gumbo Salad, Okra-and-Corn Maque Choux, several kinds of Margaritas, several versions of Chicken Salad and several kinds of ice cream including Peach and Toasted Pecan! Lord help me!

(2) I. AM. IN. PAIN. Now that the splint is off and I'm using my hand, it HURTS. I was warned it might ache, but this is seriously the worst pain I've been in yet!

(3) Yesterday I was talking to my friend Suz on the phone. Her little guy, Bennett, who just turned 4, wanted to talk to me on the phone. He's my bud. Anyway, he asked how my "thumb" was and I told him it was better (no need to scare the kid with the litany of adjectives I could have used to describe it), and then he said "Next time you use a knife to cut something, you should be very, very careful". I thanked him and told him that was very good advise. Seriously, how cute is that?

(4) I sold my old fairy godmother yesterday for only $50 less than what I paid for my new one!

(5) AT&T may be sending me another new phone. Seriously. I never got the e-mail like everyone else saying that mine shipped, though clearly it did, because I have it. Then today, I got an e-mail saying that they were sorry for the delay, but due to the popularity of the new iphone, people were having to wait, and they'd notify me when my phone shipped.

(6) I just remembered to decorate for the 4th yesterday! Then if that wasn't bad enough, I thought I owned decorations that I apparently don't have (guess I had seen them somewhere but didn't buy them) and forgot about some that I do have (I had to look at photos from last year to remember them). I'm totally losing it! I'll post pics tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking Back

While home this past weekend I was a little bored. I decided to look through my old high school year books. That ended up being quite a shock to my system, and somehow made me feel a hundred years old! I mean, I don't feel like high school was THAT many years ago. I know that whenever I sit down and put numbers to events I feel old (like high school was over half my life ago, I started law school 12 years ago this August!, etc.), but seeing it there in words and pictures, all bound together was somehow worse than just doing the math!

I found several things funny/odd. Like how in only a class of 50 (+ or - a few people), there are people I have no recognition of. None. Zilch. I know that I knew them back in 1994. I knew everyone in my class in 1994, but somehow they've been erased from my brain. One guy for example, was voted friendliest guy. Seriously, how damn friendly could he have been that I have no recollection of him! And what does it mean that I cannot remember him? Do I have early onset dementia? Has any memory of him just been replaced with some random tidbit of useless knowledge that I seem to retain like "If you buy or sell goods or services..." a portion that I have memorized from the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (thank you bar exam review!)?

Anyway, this little excursion down memory lane caused me to go through photographs once I got back to my house. Some of this stuff has made me laugh, some has made me think "If we'd only known". I think that this photograph that I found is the epitome of all those emotions.

Let me set the scene... Prom night. These are two of my very best friends growing up...Tres on the left, Jarret on the right. Having known each other since birth, we had had more fun together and gotten into more shenanigans over the course of 17 years than you could ever imagine.

I look at this photo and think of the fun times, but then my mind wondered "If only we had known...". You see what was unknown to us at the time was that in a matter of a couple of weeks, Jarret's Mom would be killed in a tragic car accident. A few years later Tres, got caught up in drugs and now sits in prison.

Of course I then looked around my house at more recent photographs of family and friends and thought "what will I think when I look back at these photos 15 years from now?". It kind of snaps you back into the enjoy the here and now and the people in your life mentality.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gone, Gone Gone...

The splint is officially gone! I am what is considered "clinically healed". Apparently "clinically healed" and normal are NOT the same thing!

I'm still in therapy and am trying to get my fingers and hand back to normal. Some of my joints are bending normally. The middle joint is the lone holdout and then of course there is that little task of having a straight finger that alludes me right now. My hand is currently weak as a newborn kitten, but hopefully they will let me start doing some strengthening exercises sometime soon.

I'm super excited that tonight I get to sleep without something on my hand for the first time since May 8th!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

...and I would have popped!

I went home for about 24 hours this weekend. My parents were going out of town for the night and I needed to dogsit little Millie. Since I can take my splint off around the house, I was now able to use their pool all afternoon, so it was a win-win situation. I floated around the pool, soaking up the sun, and reading the Pray portion of "Eat, Pray, Love" (needless to say, I enjoyed the Eat portion of the book that took place in Italy more than the Pray portion that took place in an Ashram in India).

Anyway, thankfully I was only there for 24 hours because any longer, and I would have popped!

Saturday for lunch, we went across the river (to Oklahoma) to one of my favorite little dingy-dives where I had yummy steak fingers & fries. This place has the most awesome tarter sauce. I'm not a huge fan of their fish, so I eat it on my steak fingers. You would too. Everyone I take over there that says "I don't like tarter sauce" is eating spoonfuls before we leave.

Saturday night, I went to my grandparent's for supper. Meme had cooked fresh out of the ground new potatoes with green beans, fried okra and squash, fresh corn on the cob, homegrown sliced tomatoes, and cornbread.

Sunday after Mom and Dad got home, Mom fried quail and made squash casserole, fried okra, sliced tomatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Mom had also made some blackberry muffins and two blackberry for me to eat now and one for the freezer. I also brought home some fresh off the vine tomatoes and a gallon ziplock bag of wonderful sweet corn on the cob that my Dad had recently shucked.

Oh! Summer food is the best!

Friday, June 25, 2010

This Could Be Bad...

This could be bad... I mean really bad for me. Warning, if you are a house decorating freak, nut, aficionado, then this could be bad news for you to. The other day at Sam's, I found this...

It's awesome! It's broken down into several categories of colors...

and there is this too...

This is one of the room specific pages...
One of the nature pages...
colors for moods...
I'm in love with this book/magazine! I'm afraid it's going to mean lots of work though...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

She's Here!

What a day! First of all, I started out the day super excited because last night I had sent a Direct Tweet to Cory Booker commenting on a speech he had given. In case you aren't Twitter savvy, a Direct Tweet is a private tweet that goes to a person's e-mail instead of out to the twitterverse for all to see. You can only send Direct Tweets to people who follow you, which is the joy of having someone as a follower. Anyway, he Direct Tweeted me back, which makes me super happy. It's like we are friends. At least in my mind.

Then about 10:00 I was drying my hair and heard Lola causing such a commotion. I knew that either my new fairy godmother was here or there was a squirrel in the back yard. I rushed into the living room and found Lola at the front door (a good sign!) and sure enough, there was a package on my porch. I couldn't get Lola to move over she was so excited. It was like she thought the darn phone was for her!

Here is the box that was within the box...

I carefully took the lid off and heard angels sing... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I had to get my receipt out from the pre-order process because it contained the directions for activating the new FGM. I have to show you the ridiculousness that is this receipt. I had to tape it to the wall so that you could see it all...
I've got her all up and running and am so excited. I'm only a little bummed because I just realized that to do "Face Time" chats, you both have to be on a wireless connection (at least for now, that may change to 3g sometime).
I've listed my old FGM on Craigslist, so hopefully she will sell and pay for the new one! I did have to show you this next pic because it shows what a great FGM she has been...
Yep. I talked on her for 22 days and 7 hours. When I wonder why I have cancer in a few years, you can remind me why.

And finally, to round out this great day.... It is only 92 degrees right now and it is RAINING! At least I think that is what is falling from the sky. It's been so long, I can hardly remember! So far, it hasn't rained as much as it needs to, but maybe it will keep it up.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day List

Here's my Hump-day list:

(1) I have seen the oddest tattoos today. Both were on my clients. One younger "lady" has tattoos on the side of her neck. One says "Miss Thang". Seriously, this is what you want on your neck for life? When relaying this story to Jennifer she says, "Is that what you want on your neck when you are at your grandson's medical school graduation someday?". To which I reply, Are you smoking crack? The appropriate question seems to be, Is that what you want on your neck when you are sitting at your grandson's parole hearing someday! Another client, age 16, had a tattoo on his arm. I couldn't make out most of it, but it had one of our local area codes in it.. "(972)". Again, really?

(2) It appears my new fairy godmother is on her way to me. I never received the "your phone has shipped e-mail", though I did receive a "how do you like your new phone e-mail" several days ago. I finally called and it said it shipped and gave me a tracking number. I tried to track it on FedEx, but they were having tracking problems. I'm just guessing here, but probably all the people that shut-down AT&T's system the other day during pre-order, have caused FedEx problems now!

(3) Yesterday was 5 weeks since my hand surgery. I can take my splint off around the house, but still have to be careful because the tendons could still pop if I do the wrong thing. I can now use both hands to type, though it certainly isn't back to normal, but I'm trying to adjust to it.

(4) I read an article about people having cosmetic surgery to get dimples. It sounds awful and like it could go bad. So I pondered the question of why people have dimples. Considering the fact that I've had two rather large dimples my whole life, you think that this question would have come to me sooner. So I googled it and it turns out that it's a birth defect that is genetic. Something about the muscles in your face not being a normal length. Who knew!

Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you know...

Lola got to go to the groomer on Friday. I thought she was looking exceptionally cute, so I decided to snap a few photos*. I was talking to Lola during our little photo shoot. How do you know when your dog thinks you have said something crazy? Just look at these photos taken in order and see if you can tell...

* these photos aren't great because:
(1) photography goes better with two hands
(2) my laptop is in kansas, meaning my photoshop is in kansas**

**jennifer is in kansas and took the laptop for some work.   yes, i need my own laptop that isn't shared with the firm.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Movie Saturday

since it is hot...

and i have no pool...

and i'm wearing a splint, which i promise you increases the feel of the temperature by 20 degrees...

i'm having myself a movie saturday under the A/C!

i have three netflix movies that i've been wanting to see:  "valentine's day", "it's complicated", & "crazy heart".

hopefully, i'll get them all watched, but right now i've found myself sucked into "three men and a little lady" circa 1990, on encore, which reminds me...

have you heard that they are likely going to make "three men and a bride" complete with Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenburg, & Ted Danson?  i hope so and i can't wait!  but it does make me feel old!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm grouchy...

it could be because...

* my insurance sucks and is basically not going to pay a dime of anything related to ER, surgery, etc., yet still collects a premium from me every month

*it's hot outside

* i still NEED that vacation, but none is in sight since school starts back next month and well, see complaint #1

* my house is dirty and i cannot clean very easily, or well, one handed

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sorry Fairy Godmother, I'm getting a younger, skinnier version...

Today is the day.  The day that this was available for pre-order

so i placed a pre-order for a new and improved fairy godmother.  i'm a little sad.  i mean afterall, my old FGM has been really good to me, but i didn't upgrade her when the 3GS came out and the new features on the new FGM are just too good to pass up!

i can't wait until new FGM is delivered to my door! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

You want me to pet YOU?

So part of my therapy is that i need to pet my hand. Yep, you read that right. I guess it is kind of like a massage to do that. It's not working out so well. Anytime I try to "pet" my hand that means that there is no hand available to pet Lola. I've tried to convince Lola to learn to pet me for a change, but we are at a stalemate.

In other dog related news, our neighbor got a pup a while ago. He's become a little more vocal lately and it drives Lola nuts. When she is inside and hears him bark, she goes nutso. Then yesterday I go outside and see that new pup is trying to get into our yard to play and Lola is giving him the cold shoulder. I mean she is completely ignoring him.

Pup trying to come under the fence

Lola was sitting down ignoring him much further away, but stood up and came closer to me when I came out to take photos
Queen Lola cannot be bothered by the common dogs!

Speaking of being a spoiled dog, Lola got a new toy. A sock monkey...

yes, she needs a bath.  her face is filthy, but it seems like something one needs two hands to do!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it just me...

is it just me, or has this been the longest week EVER? I have no idea why but it has seemed a month long. Here are some random things on my mind...

(1) I've eaten a million tomatoes this week! My friend Abby, her mom & sis came over on Wednesday night and abby brought me two baggies of cherry tomatoes fresh off her mother-in-law's south texas vines. I just have them in a bowl and eat them like candy each time i go through the kitchen. so good!!!! abby also brought me a LARGE zucchini. I think she meant to take the ginormous freak-of-nature vegetable to the freak show , but instead it got left at my house :)

(2) I got my stockpot today! I'll have to cook something now.

(3) I craving shrimp salad. anyone want to make me some? pretty please with sugar on top?

(4) I swear my hand is getting worse. i seriously think that each hour i do my exercises it gets worse. the measurements of my movements don't show that to be the case, but it is frustrating nonetheless. my stupid finger and hand is still really swollen. i'm sure this heat doesn't help. we now have my finger wrapped in its own version of spanx to try and get the swelling down. my therapist re-read my file notes today and came to the conclusion that i have a "very odd injury". as the therapist said, it's almost like a finger & palm injury. apparently "nobody cuts their hand like that and never gets THAT nerve." well bully for me that i'm so freakin' unique!

(5) i love Bravo's new Bethenny Getting Married? i find it very funny. just fyi: ryan star's brother was the jeweler in the first episode

(6) i should have paid attention in spanish class. this week i told my yard crew to weed-eat around the border in the back yard (they've been skipping that). they weed-eated all of my monkey grass in that flower bed! ah-yeh-yeh!

this photo has nothing to do with anything, but makes me smile...

have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I was at Super Target. This hot weather means that I was in the mood for cereal. You know, sometimes it's just good to eat a cold bowl of cereal for supper when it's hot outside.

The only kind of cereal I really buy is Frosted Flakes. I know it's not really healthy, but in case you haven't heard, they're ggggreat!

Anyway, I am in the cereal aisle and there is a mother and her two kids there too. One is probably about 4-5ish and the one in the cart is 2ish. Just to set the scene a little better, mom had a British accent.

Little boy is wanting some kind of cereal he's seen advertise on tv. He keeps trying and trying to convince his mother who's having none of it. She's telling him he can have any kind from the "healthy end" of the cereal aisle. She's describing every variety of Kashi cereal on the shelf, but as you'd expect, kid isn't buying it.

All of this is taking place in front of the frosted flakes, so I can't get my cereal and go, in case you were wondering.

Back to the story... Kid is grabbing every kind of "fun" cereal and telling mom that he saw it on a commercial. Mom says "we aren't buying it because it was on a commercial. It's all crap!"

So I'm thinking, lady just move along with your kids so I can get my crap cereal and move on!

I finally make my way to frosted flakes and the kid looks at me like he is going to stow away in my cart and the mom looks at me like I'm the devil, all the while little whipper snapper in the cart starts chanting "kashi, kashi, kashi"!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

update after 3 week appointment

Add Imageso today i saw my doc. he's a man of few words (and apparently the softest hands on earth, at least according to my mom. i wouldn't know because he's never attempted to shake my hand, but it is all my mom could talk about for two days after my surgery!). anyway, it seems that all is well.

i also saw the therapist that got me started on the new exercises. these take longer to go 5 minutes. i know that doesn't seem like much, but doing it every hour ads up! she also removed more skin and in the process, she discovered another stitch...oops (& ouch)! it looks A LOT better, so while i had my splint off doing my 5 o'clock exercises, i took a photo for you. i don't really think that i have to warn you off of this one, but i'm putting a day of accident, and week after surgery photos immediately after in case you want to compare

{today- 3 weeks post surgery}

{2 weeks ago- a week post surgery}

{May 9th, at the ER}


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 weeks

today is 3 weeks since my surgery...aka: half-way to getting my splint off!

{here's the status of my hand}

* it is still fairly swollen, but it's better than it was 2 weeks ago when the cast came off

* i do my passive exercises every (waking) hour and can get my finger bent pretty well and can now keep it bent (well for a few of seconds anyway!)

* since we have started the (gross sounding) process of dead skin removal, it's looking far better than it did 2 weeks ago, if for no other reason than it is getting rid of the surgeon's purple markings

* as of saturday at 10ish p.m., the nerves are firing! how do i know? well when nerves start trying to reconnect, the send out a signal. if the other side answers, it feels like you are sticking your finger in the light socket! it isn't constant. it only lasts for a few seconds or a few minutes at the most, but it is good news!

{what's coming up the next three weeks}

* my splint is getting revamped tomorrow so that my wrist will be a little straighter. i think this will be much better! the splint is still required because up until the 6 week mark, the tendons aren't healed enough to not "pop" if they do too much.

* my exercises will (i think) go from purely passive to independent movement, but i hhaven't gotten those instructions yet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

my love hate relationship with summer

let's face it, i'm not summer's biggest fan. if i lived somewhere with a better summer climate, you know any place that doesn't make you feel like you have died and gone where bad people go, then i might be a bigger fan of summer. but as it stands now, with now being that it is still the first week of june and we've already seen that century mark in REAL temps (don't even get me started on the heat index!) i have to look really hard for things to like about summer.

one thing i certainly like is fresh fruits & veggies. i have always been of the mind-set that at least here in the south, dish sets ought to come with a normal plate and a summer plate. you know, the summer plate would really more closely resemble a platter. 'cause lets face it, by the time you load your plate up with squash, corn on the cob, okra, fresh tomatoes, cantaloupe, maybe some black-eyed peas, and some cornbread, it just won't fit on a normal size plate!

it's not just veggies, but the fresh fruit too! the blackberries and peaches are my favorites, but i like a good melon as well. oh the things you can do with those peaches and blackberries...cobbler, mix in with some homemade ice cream, or maybe a pie.

yep, fruit & veggies are definitely my favorite part of summer, which is why i'm so excited to be getting (very soon) this great product...

it is le creuset stockpot in their newish color called caribbean! i've been obsessed with this color since it debuted. no, it doesn't match a darn thing in my kitchen, but i love it anyway (and i know that it will soon have a matching dutch oven friend around my birthday or christmas time, not because i'm psychic, but because i do my mom's shopping!)

anyway, when the fine folks at CSN approached me and wanted to know if i would review of one of the millions of items that they sell, from kitchen stuff, pet stuff (oh, i totally found tons of cute stuff for lola dog!), to annything you could need for your bed, you name it, i selected this baby. i can't wait to get it and try it out on all the summer veggies i love! stay tuned, i'll tell you all about it.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I totally feel like frankenstein. Today in therapy, my therapist removed skin. It is kind of as gross as it sounds. It didn't hurt because it's just dead skin with new skin underneath, but really just unexpected.

They are the kings of unexpected at that place!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

... and then i nearly fainted!

nothing too exciting to report in the life and times of kara & lola today. i think i did manage to run into every village idiot in this little town of mine...

{idiot #1} i was talking to this salty older attorney today and he was asking about my hand. he said that he's been shot and stabbed and suffered cuts with a knife (i'm hoping he's served in a war!) and that a cut is the worst of those. about that time, a female attorney whom i've never seen in my almost 9 years of being at the courthouse almost daily, walks up and chimes in that a paper cut is the worst. the other attorney says, well, i think kara is far worse off than a paper cut, but she wouldn't give it up and couldn't be convinced that there was worse. i'll grant you they suck. what sucks worse is a file folder cut, but trust me when i say that almost taking a finger off with your santuko knife IS IN FACT WORSE THAN A PAPER CUT!

{idiot #2} i was in the clerk's office and the clerk says "oh what did you do to your hand" to which i gave my standard reply i cut my finger. she says "oh my daughter cut her finger, she cut it so bad that she had to go get stitches. did you have to get stitches?" seriously? would i have my hand in this splint/cast get-up if i hadn't had at least stitches? wouldn't a cut that didn't need stitches need like a band-aid instead of this mess i'm wearing? so i just said, yep stitches twice. before and after surgery!

which brings me to my therapy appointment. my therapist removed the stitches today. they were suppose to come out 10-14 days after surgery. today was day 15. it is NOT a good idea to go that long. they become part of you and it hurts like the devil to remove them!

then she just moved my fingers and massaged my hand, which sounds nice, but was really just 20 minutes of complete sustained pain. i started feeling really hot. i started trying to convince myself that i wasn't really about to pass out, but i'm a little bit like aunt pitty pat in gone with the wind, meaning you better have some smelling salts around because i've passed out a time or ten in my life, so i know when the vapors are comin' on. thankfully when i was about to tell my therapist to stop touching me and get me some water, she stopped and went into the other room for some supplies. at this point i hit the cold sweat phase and then i nearly fainted, but miraculously was able to breathe through it and stay up right.

she was basically done at that point, so i left and hung out on the bench by the front doors for a minute until i could drive and then hightailed it to target where i promptly bought a REAL coke for the sugar and all was right with the world again.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

another signing

today has been a big day. first, i had a hair appointment with my new hair gal, cathy. i really liked her AND she was on board with straightening my crazy curly hair...

...and for once i actually had somewhere to go afterwards.

yep, another book signing! i know y'all are starting to think that signings must be my favorite pass time! i drove into the city and met lisa to see emily giffin. we had seen her a few years ago.

she is so fun! totally worth attending a repeat signing! she released a new book (her 5th) last month and it was great.

they are currently making a movie out of her first book, "something borrowed" (and then her second book "something blue"). she gave us all the scoop on the movie.

besides her books, another thing that i love about her is that she was a lawyer in nyc, but after 9-11, she quit her law job, and moved to london to write. you may not know that london is my favorite city in the world... my home the summer of 1996. moving to london to write would be like a crazy dream come true for me, so i like that she got to live my dream!

despite the fact that she's had 3 kids in the past like 6 years, she's crazy skinny! even though she was kind enough to take photos with her fans, lisa and i decided we had no business having our picture made with anyone who was that small!

she was inviting fans to meet her for drinks later at mi cocina, but alas, as i'm still in the law business and have court early in the morning, i had to pass. it was a fun night!


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