Thursday, April 29, 2010


I got a new iphone case today and now my fairy godmother is so cute, I can hardly stand it! This is what it looks like...

Even though mine is looking all cute, I can't wait for the new iphone to come out this summer. I think that I will be up for a new phone at about the time of the release, so I'm even more jazzed.

Have you heard about the leaked info on the new phone? Even if you haven't, you've got to watch this clip of Jon Stewart. Stick with it...the whole thing. Classic Stewart...hysterical!

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I Did A Bad, Bad Thing...

I Did A Bad, Bad Thing...

I went to the Coach Outlet today armed with a coupon...20% off your purchase, but if you spent a certain amount, your discount increased to 30% off. I didn't really NEED anything, but I haven't bought a new spring purse this year. Yes, I did buy a new one last year. And no, there wasn't a thing wrong with last year's model. But, it never hurts to look, right? And one can never have too many bags, right? Thanks for agreeing...that was exactly what I was thinking too!

So once I got inside, I experienced some temporary insanity and a shopping spree ensued! I got some really great deals though.

First, I got a new spring/summer bag...

Yes, last year's spring/summer bag was white, but it was pebble leather, not patent leather, so they are vastly different. Oh and the thing that sold me... a $385 bag for $83!!!!

Of course I had to get my accessory an accessory, so I got it that cute little tie, and for a fabulous deal too!
Here is where the insanity struck. I didn't stop there. No, I bought another bag.

This is one that I decided last weekend that I needed...
We crammed all of our stuff into Abby's little bag that is similar to this. Then when we were at the House of Blues, Abby just looped it through her belt loop and didn't have to use a hand to keep up with it.

Once I figured out I could get this thing for about $30, I was sold!

But wait, there's more! This is going on the "I so DIDN'T need these" list, but again: Too Cute! Great Deal! Sold!

Here is a close up of the cute detail on the glasses...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daily Laugh

I normally laugh at many things each day, but even if I'm having a rare grumpy-nothing's going right-kind of day, I can always get at least one laugh out of visiting Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks is a fabulous blog that posts, well, photos of cake wrecks with funny comments that go along with them on Monday through Friday.  Then on Sunday, they post fabulous cakes you would really love to see at a party.

Cake Wrecks allows you to e-mail them in photos of cake wrecks that you see.  You will find yourself looking at Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc. for cake wrecks and sending them in in no time!  I have turned on Jennifer to this site, who in turn, turned her sister-in-law on to it.  Not long ago, her sister-in-law had one of her photos published and we all go so darn excited!

They also have a book.  Here is the cover of the book:

It's an example of my favorite form of cake wrecks...
Ones where the people making the cakes are more stupid than you knew was humanly possible!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Month!

Since I was out of town on Saturday and didn't get to do my SATC Saturday...

and since SATC opens in one month...

I'm sharing some photos from the new movie with you!

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!
And this is suppose to be delivered to my doorstep today...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why is Ryan Star?

Several of you have told me that you don't know who Ryan Star is. I speculate that many of you (even my parents) have heard Ryan's music, you just don't know it is associated with him.

Here are some examples...

An American Idol Fan? They used Ryan's song "Breathe" in their promo...

Have HBO? Maybe you've seen this...

Watch Lie to Me? They use his song in their intro...

Have you seen "P.S. I Love You" with Hillary Swank? Yes, the book was WAY, WAY better than the movie, but the music in the movie was good. Ryan has this song on it's soundtrack...

Watch History Channel Much? They are a Ryan Star fan...

His music has also been featured on NBC, ESPN, etc. So I speculate that at some point, you may have run across Ryan Star and just not known it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trying to Catch a Star (Ryan Star)...

Here is possibly the longest post in history, so hold on folks! It is filled with shenanigans and hijinks, so try to power through!

First, I think you all know that I've been planning to go to Houston to see Ryan Star. You've heard me mention Ryan before I'm sure. I've been a fan for years and I believe he is really talented and about to be on his way to big things (new album coming out in July, just made VH1 top 20 this week, etc.). Anyway, he was on tour with another act (Serena Ryder) and was coming to Texas. I was so excited until I discovered that his show was on Thursday night and I couldn't go because I had to teach class. I saw that he was going to be in Houston on Friday night, so I made plans with my friend Abby to go visit her. She lives about an hour outside of Houston.

Well, on Thursday, I see a tweet from Ryan that Serena Ryder had to cancel her concert due to an emergency, but he was going to still be at the Dallas and Houston House of Blues (HOB) shows. There was much confusion at the HOB, and we had to re-buy tickets for the Friday show after our's were refunded, but everything was still on.

Friday morning I headed through much, much, much traffic to South Texas. Once there, Abby and I headed into Houston to our Hotel for the show at the HOB. We got there at 7 to get in line. After standing in line for about an hour, the bouncer came around carding everyone and getting everything ready to open the door. At this point, we started to notice that there was another line forming closer to the door. We asked about it and he said it was "skip the line" pass people. Of course we said How do you get to be skip the line people? He says that if we had eaten in the restaurant or purchased something in the gift store then we could skip the line. Really?, we say, Too bad we didn't know that sooner. He says go on down to the gift store, you have time. We say, But the doors open in 3 minutes. He says, you've got time, I promise, just hurry. At this point it dawns on us that he is the door opener and is saying that he will wait for us, so we rush back to the store (down three floors) along with the girls in line behind us.

I run into the gift store, grab a $1 pack of skittles and say, give us the Skip the Line pass. Then we find out that we have to spend $15 each to get to Skip the Line. I say, Look, I don't want your crap, I just want to skip the line, so what's the most cost effective way to do this? The guy working the gift shop says, Why don't you just buy a gift card that you can use in the bar upstairs? Perfect! We get our card and rush back up to the venue and are like #3 inside.

Once inside, we have two options: (1) We can stand at the stage. I mean literally AT THE STAGE. Like you could get spit on by an enthusiastic singer, close to the stage; or (2) We can sit at one of 6 tall tables that have bar stools and be about 8 feet away from the stage. We opt for option #2.

The girls in line behind us come in much much later. They wanted to know what we had to buy and how we did it so quickly. They say that they had to buy crap like drumsticks, and cards, etc. to get their pass but then didn't even get back quick enough to use the pass. We explained our gift card situation and they thought we were the most brilliant, awesome people ever. Seriously. Word spread and people started coming by and saying things like "Wow, you guys rock!" and "Y'all are so smart!". It was like we were Yoda of the HOB!

Some other band comes on and plays. We have no clue, but I start to notice that lots of people have cameras. I had done much research on this subject including calling and asking. I had been told NO CAMERAS at all. Was told that they would have to be checked for a fee if you brought them. They lied, they lied, they lied! I find a young girl who has a very nice camera. I go ask her to take photos of Ryan Star and e-mail them to me (I gave her a business card with my e-mail address). She has no clue about Ryan Star, so I become his PR person and sell her and her group of young chick-a-dees on how awesome he is. Then I get into a conversation with another girl who was in Dallas for Thursday, came to Houston for Friday, and was going back to Dallas on Saturday. Wow! I thought I was a fan! More on her later...

So we sit there through the first "show" and then believe that Ryan is coming up next. At this point some of the group that belonged to the girls in line behind us start to stand in front of us, but all the people with them said, "OH NO! Don't stand in front of them! We like them, their awesome!". Abby & I just laughed and laughed. It's good being Yoda of the HOB!

There was a group of folks pressed against the stage and then about a foot walk space between them and our table. I look over to the right and I see a guy walking in that walk space toward us and it is Ryan Star. I try not to freak out, but I alert Abby (because she also has no clue who he is, she's just along for the ride!). As he goes by, he touches my knee and Abby starts saying, Oh my gosh! He touched you! I will totally vouch for it!

He takes the stage and I alert my little teenage camera girl that This is Ryan. I also hand my camera phone up to the Dallas-multiple-shows-girl and ask her to take a pic. Here it is...

{Ryan singing "We Might Fall", one of my favs}

So we greatly enjoyed the show. It was a scaled down version of what he had planned before the cancellation, but it was great. I loved it. Of course I was bitter the whole time about the camera situation. I got a couple with the iphone, but they weren't great. See...
At some point, I see the Dallas-multiple-shows-girl has a camera, so of course, I give her my business card too and ask for pics to be e-mailed to me. After the show, Ryan comes off stage and is swarmed by my
camera girl and her little friends (and me of course). I get my camera girl to take my photo with Ryan. I am over still talking him up to the youngsters and this other girl standing around says, "Wow, you're a great salesman for Ryan!". I talk to her and it turns out she is Ryan's assistant/roadie (not sure of official title).

I talked to Ryan a little more and bought a portion of the new CD. It has 5 songs on it and a code for itunes once the full album is released. He signed the album for me! Love it!

Then Abby & I start talking. I explain that I have trust issues about these folks and whether they will really send me the pics. I ask my new friend, the assistant/roadie, if I went back to my hotel (6 blocks away) for my camera, would I be able to get a photo with Ryan when I got back. She says, "If he isn't still out talking to people, I will make sure that you get a picture with him, so go for it".

Abby & I head to the door and tell the new bouncer dude at the door what we are doing. He says, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you leave and come back.". We of course go into our litany of woes about being told no cameras, my long drive, etc. We wear him down and he says okay, but only bring in a point and click. I say, But other people have real cameras inside there! He says, "Well I didn't see it, so don't bring anything back but a point and click."

We run down to three flights of stairs, catch a cab at the corner and tell him to get us to the Hyatt ASAP. I tell him to leave the meter running, I'm running up and will be right back. We run up, I grab my camera bag with both cameras (of course I'm not going to follow rules ever again if I can help it) and run down. We get ready to hop in our cab and some guy accosts us saying, "No! Get in line, this is our cab!". We yell at him as hopping in our cab, Sorry, this is our guy, he was waiting on us! and head out for the HOB. Problem is, the baseball game had just let out and traffic downtown was a nightmare. I yell at our super nice cabbie PRETEND LIKE WE ARE ON THE AMAZING RACE AND GOOOOOO!

We get back to the HOB start to head inside and the bouncer says "Let me see your camera", so I do this (at this point of the post, there will be several re-created scene photos)...
He says, "Okay" and I head inside. Once inside, I pull out the real camera and start to snap photos of Ryan...
Then he decided to stop and pose for me, rock star style...
Then Abby takes the money shot...
Ahhh, everything was then right with the world. I was no longer having to trust that someone else sent me the photos! Home free! Oh and I also took a shot of the Roadie Chick since she was so nice and helpful...
Abby and I decide that we were tired and had a big day of shopping coming up, so we decided to leave. On our way out the bouncer says, "Did you get a photo". We gush...Yes, a great shot, thanks so much, etc. Then he says, "Let me see the pictures." This is where the whole situation becomes a Lucy and Ethel adventure!

Ummmm.... I can't show you
"Why not?" he says

It's a film camera I say.

"No it wasn't" he replies
It's a disposable, Abby ads...

Then she tries to change the subject and distract him
He. Was. So. On to us!

So then I make up some insane story...
and thankfully, he lets it go!

At this point let me say that neither one of us could have lied our way out of a paper bag!

He was nice and offered to take a photo of us (with the point and click of course)
And then we ran!

Whew! Safely in the cab...
I have to tell you that every time we start talking about the bouncer/camera/can't lie worth a crap situation we laugh so hard that we both cry!

Then to top it all off, I got a Direct Message tweet from Ryan later that night!

So. Much. Fun!

Update: Ryan tweeted a link to my blogpost to his followers, so if that is how you got here, welcome fellow Ryan Star followers!

Update #2:  I guess I should have more faith in people!  (In my defense, people lie to me all day, every day)  My little teen chick-a-dee friend from the show just sent me 4 more pics!  These are similar to what I'm sure I would have taken if I would have had my camera during the show...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Big State

Texas is a big state. I'm sure you are saying, Well Duh!. I have never had to drive too much across this big state of ours. Sure I made the trek from Nocona to Lubbock many times, but that was about 4 hour. I'm preparing for a trip south tomorrow and have been studying maps. Every source I go to gives me a differnt route and they are all very long routes!

I'm headed to visit my friend Abby. Abby moved way south several years ago and I've been a bad friend and never gone to visit. Abby has been trying to persuade me to branch out from being her personal clothes shopper to also assisting her in her house decorating endeavors. So, I'm heading south for some shopping, but before we shop we are going to a concert.

A singer that I like, Ryan Star, is playing in Houston on Friday night. I could see him in Dallas tonight, but I have to teach, so we are going to drive an hour into Houston on Friday (after my 5 1/2 hour trek south) and see the concert. Abby, the Priceline Queen, got us a swanky hotel room in Houston for $50, so we are staying there on Friday night and plan to shop all of Houston before heading back to "Mayberry" on Saturday night.

Everyone I know should be prepared because I may be calling you on the phone to keep me company on the 315 mile one-way journey!

On another note, today is my half birthday and I will be accepting gifts from 2-5 p.m. Just kidding. Nobody really gets me half birthday gifts. But you can if you really want to! Ugh...half way to 34. Blah!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me...

Well maybe not peace on earth, but I'm trying to achieve peace in my backyard...

between this adorable creature...
and all the vermin that wonder in and out (out if they are lucky).

What am I doing to achieve this peace?

With today's purchase of the rat at Ikea (pictured center), we now have a stuffed version of everything she likes to chase and kill. I'm hopeful that she will come to think of these as her friends and not attack them in the yard. However, since she instantly went and grabbed the rat, shook it and threw it to the ground (her killing technique), I'm not sure if my plan will work.

I'm just trying to achieve world peace one back yard at a time!

One of those days...

You know it is going to be one of those days when you've yelled at someone by 7 a.m. And I do mean yelled at someone. That "lucky" someone was a client. Who called me at 7 a.m. At my house. When I've never given her my house number. Seriously.

I was dead asleep and my phone rings. I look at caller ID and see that client dumbass is calling. I answer, nobody's there. I hang up the phone and of course she calls right back (this is what my clients, don't get fast response, call right back...the concept of voicemail is lost on them). I answered the 2nd time, I yelled. She's an idiot who wanted to know what time to be in court today. Ummm, her court isn't until the 30th. The End.

On a happier note, Bath & Body Works came out with their summer vanillas yesterday and you know I think the lemon smells oh so yummy. In my lemon obsession, I've also been desiring a lemon perfume. I haven't found one that I adored, at least until yesterday. Bigelow has a fragrance that is Lemon and just what I wanted. They sell it at B&B Works. I returned those scent bugs that I got in my stocking at Christmas, because they really just weren't doing it for me and got myself some new perfume instead. Great trade!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Warning: Addictive TV Ahead

I don't know how, but sometime on Sunday between watching Precious and procrastinating what really needed to be done, I stumbled upon some TV Gold. Gold I tell you! It is on WE TV and it is called My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.

Here is the premise of every show: 3 weeks before the wedding, David shows up and takes over the wedding. When he shows up, the bride shows him what she has planned. Then he decides what is craptastic and what he wants to change. He takes the Bride to look at 3 options of all the things he wants to change, but doesn't tell her which one he picked until the wedding day.

Here's what I LOVE about this show: You couldn't make up the crazy crap that these people have planned! Watching David's response (or lack of response in some cases) is some of the funniest television I've ever seen.

Sometimes the dress is bad. Sometimes the bridesmaid dresses are bad. Sometimes the theme is bad. Sometimes the colors are bad. Sometimes it is the venue (hello Fire Hall, I'm talking about you). All and all, they end up with a FABULOUS wedding that not only is a ton more expensive than what they were planning in most cases, but way more beautiful and elegant.

Episodes aren't airing right now (I got in on a repeat marathon), but new episodes are starting up this June. The episodes I saw were primarily Brooklyn, New Jersey, Pennsylvania weddings, but I saw where this new season is focusing on LA and DALLAS! I can wait to see what kind of tragic train wreck of weddings that David saves! You know the Dallas girls could have some CRAZY CAKES kind of ideas!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SATC Sunday {because I forgot on Saturday}

I intended to revamp Sex and the City Saturday with last Saturday's post, but then this Saturday, I forgot. So here is SATC Sunday...

The movie poster has come out and here it is:

I have to say that I'm a little bit confused right now about when this movie is being released. Originally, I read May 28th, but then I noticed that the poster and trailer said May 27th. When I went to Fandango to see if tickets are available for purchase, it says that the movie is being released on May 28th. So I guess I'll just be confused for a little while.

I'm not going to be super concerned about when it opens because I'm certain, I'm going to win this:
If you want to enter, click HERE
{If you win, I have a suggestion on who you should take} ; )

Yesterday, when I got my mail, I found this...
It contains some great SJP photos

If you want to read the article and aren't a subscriber, you can click HERE


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