Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have a bad case of "daydreaming". Well, not really so much daydreaming as wanting to do something other than what I'm suppose to be doing during the day (namely working). I am attributing this to my school schedule and the fact that I need a vacation.

Teaching 3 nights a week has been both good and bad. I have enjoyed no early mornings, BUT definitely missed my nights at home. I feel like I can never get anything done, plus I don't get home until after 10 p.m. and then can't get to bed at a descent hour, thus I'm tired the next morning/day.

All that being said, I've got a different schedule for the Fall. I'm back on early morning classes, but much to my delight, I have both a 7 & 8 a.m. class, meaning that I only have to teach 1 night a week in addition to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning classes. As much as I hate waking up early, it's way easier on "my system".

But seeing as I am still on nights and thus "daydreaming," here are some of the things I'm daydreaming about...

I want a lemon fragrance for this spring/summer. There are several options, but these are the lead contenders...


I want new makeup for spring/summer too, but I'm not liking the spring colors...

I think that I want a very Bronzed look for summer and so far, Mac Cosmetics has the best colors.

I want new nail polish for this season. It's a little wild, but several lines have a great Jade that is calling my name...

I also think that these pillows from Pottery Barn would really brighten up the living room for spring/summer.
What are you daydreaming about this spring?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter & Flowerbeds Revisited

Basically, my Easter decorations are exactly the same as last year. Nothing new, nothing different (except Lola doesn't have the weird post-iv hair cut on her front legs!). If you are new and want to see them, or if you want a refresher, click HERE

Now for the flowerbeds. I landscaped the front of my house on the first Good Friday after I bought my house, so that would be 4 years ago. I still think it was a huge improvement, but I have some complaints.

Complaint #1: I get tired of planting so many annuals every stinking year. Too much work. So much money. Then it all starts to go to pot in the heat of our horrible summers and looks like crap anyway!

Complaint #2: It relates to #1. Where the annuals are is either bare in the winter or I have to plant winter stuff. I have done both. I don't like the first, but the second necessitates running out when a super cold front is headed our way and digging up my flowers and putting them in the garage until the cold spell passes, then replanting, and repeat on the next front that blows through. It's for the birds folks, or at least someone who doesn't basically work two jobs!

Complaint #3: Some small ferns that I planted 4 years ago haven't lived up to expectations. The darn things never died, but then never really thrived.

So, I asked my uncle a while back to come help me re-do my bed. I really have no idea what I'm doing and he is a landscaping genius, so thus the help request. I haven't ever gotten him up here. I did receive a cryptic iphone photo of a shrub and the information "Japanese Yew", so I'm starting to think that might be the extent of the help that I'm going to get anytime soon. So, I headed from nursery to nursery today with the task of re-doing my front bed in mind.

Goal: Plant things that will be evergreen and make the bed require very little annual planting.

Where did I start? Boulder shopping.

I bought two boulders (212 pounds of boulders in case you cared). Do they meet my requirements? Looks the same all year: check! Doesn't need replacing every year: check! Great start, right?

Now, keeping in mind, I'm clueless..I decided that since Hydrangeas are one of my top 2 favorite flowers, I was going to plant me some hydrangeas! Try to follow along with my fancy drawn sophisticated plans here...

I'm going to move those ferns (the ones under the script) and plant the hydrangeas in their place
Here are some more of the plans...
Those ferns are moving up a few feet, monkey grass is going to go in the circle in front of the tree (Solid green or green and white variegated? Cast your vote!), then I'm going to plant 3 Japanese Yews, and will have a little bit of room for some color up front (What? I haven't decided yet! Get off my back will you! How many decisions do you expect me to make in one day?)
The color void will be helped out by 3 or 4 pots of flowers in front of my garage area. I bought hot pink, light pink, light purple, and bright purple impatients to go there again this year since they did so swimmingly last year.

So that's the plan folks. We'll see if it looks okay or totally craptastic when it's all done!

Anyone want to come dig some holes for me?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter's on its way...

I made a quick trip down to Dallas today to play Easter Bunny and deliver some goodies to my cousins. I had filled cute little felt pails with candy, pencils, etc. They were wrapped in cellophane and tied with an adorable springy looking ribbon, complete with green and pink tags I had made. Why am I being so descriptive? Because they were so freakin' cute and I forgot to take a photo before I delivered them!

What necessitated their delivery today was that I had made a few cookies yesterday and wanted to include them with their treats...

I spent the better part of all day yesterday making cookies! I made daisies...

Easter Bonnets...

Easter Eggs...

Bunny Butts...
Lots and Lots of Bunny Butts!

While down in Dallas, I made a pit stop at one of my favorite nurseries
They are a great place to go for something a little different. Of course they have all the standard stuff too, but it is a little pricey (probably worth it...their geraniums are to die for, but pricey)

Anyway, ever since I went to the arboretum last week, I have been obsessed with the idea of getting some Voodoo Fuchsias. I figured Nicholson was a good place to look for them. They didn't have Voodoo Fuchsias, but they did have something called Shadow Dancer Fuchsias which the expert there said could tolerate our heat a little better than the Voodoos. They look similar...
Would you just look at them...
I also got a different variety of impatients to mix in with the fuchsias. They are called Butterfly Impatients and are a dwarf variety so they won't get as big as the regular old impatients...
I'm afraid that this is going to necessitate some work in the near future!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half Price Kind of Day

I went to Half Price Books today because I had two coupons for 50% off any item. I think HPB is about the greatest anyway, but couple that with 50% off coupons and it is the best place on earth! I hit up the recent release section first, because I figured that was where I could get more bang for my buck.

If you aren't a HPB devotee, let me fill you in. Many of the books they sell are way more than half of the normal price, but the recent releases sell for exactly half off. Put a 50% coupon in the mix and you are looking at half of half, so 75% off. My math skills are severely lacking, but I can figure percentages off like nobody's business!

So, back to hitting up the recent releases... I hit up this aisle first and much to my surprise and fortune, they finally had Game Change which I've been wanting badly. I've almost broken down and bought it at Sam's Club a couple of times, but it was around $18 and I never had the extra cash. Today I got it for $7 (including tax)!!!!

The coupons said, one per visit per customer, so I purchased Game Change and ran next door to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up something I needed there (with my 20% off coupon). Then I headed back to HPB, and picked up another recent release. I don't know much about this one, but I've read this author's other books, including The Starter Wife, and they were pretty decent so I got this new one. Again, $7 including tax!

What a great day for the book-lover!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Foodie Friday (updated)

{Today is Foodie Friday}

Yesterday, I looked in my refrigerator and saw a pint of fresh blueberries that were starting to go south. I wondered what I could do with them and decided to make homemade blueberry muffins. I busted out the Magnolia cookbook, found a recipe and got to cookin'.

I've never made blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries...
I think they turned out pretty good...
and looked pretty...
I've had a few (or fifty)
I'm also planning to cook a couple of yummy things this weekend...

Last week when I bought the blueberries, I also bought these
To be more specific, I bought two of these because they were buy one, get one free and I have a bunch left
so when I ran across this recipe on Pioneer Woman (& Tasty Kitchen),
I thought it would be perfect
Photo from Tasty Kitchen

I thought it looked uber yummy and would use some of my tomatoes.
In addition, my opinion about scallops is: Hand 'em over and nobody gets hurt!
So it really couldn't be more perfect.

I'm also planning to make burgers this weekend...fancy burgers.

Inspired by these at Twisted Root Burger Co...
Photo from Twisted Root's Website

Last week I also bought some ground buffalo (did you know it is leaner than chicken?). I plan to grill it up and dress it with Hatch green chilies, cheese and guacamole. My mouth is watering right now thinking about it!

Finally, I plan to make some Easter cookies this weekend (if the lazy bug doesn't set in)

{Happy Friday!}

Update: I was really looking forward to those burgers and making bunny cookies this weekend; however, I'm sorry to report that I just made the pasta & scallops for supper and have died and gone to heaven!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Good Idea

I have lots of ideas.  Oh yeah, I'm FULL of ideas.  Many around me have learned to run when they hear me say, "I've been thinking...". 

All that being said, sometimes I actually take those ideas and try to implement them.  On even rarer occasions, they actually turn out to be a good idea.  Today, I'm going to share with you one of those ideas that I had, tried out and it actually worked as planned.  For the ones that don't, well, I've become a master with spackle!

You know a while back that I got some new furniture.  Well this dresser wasn't new, but was new to me...

It had recently been painted, but the inside of the drawers were ugly.  I wanted to line the drawers with paper, but couldn't find any contact paper that was pretty.  I contemplated wallpaper, but pretty wallpaper can be expensive.  I decided to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some cute scrapbooking paper.  It is cheap and comes in tons of cute prints.  Here are the results...

The drawers on the outside of the dresser are done with butterfly paper.

For the inside drawers, I used a pretty pattern that is in the same color scheme, but different pattern.
The other idea I had related to drawers relates to my bedside table.  Whenever I cleaned out my old drawer before the buyer came to pick it up, I was shocked at how much crap was in there (it really was so bad the drawer would barely open).  I decided to use some baskets to help keep my lotions, lip balms, feet sanders, etc. all organized and neat.  So far, it has worked and I haven't managed to trash it.

That's it folks!  Probably the two good ideas I'll have in a 6 month period of time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poof! Your Wish is Granted

Today was one of those crazy days where I felt like if I spoke it, then poof, my wish was granted! 

Jennifer and I were out and about avoiding working and we went to a new shopping center to see what was open already and what was soon to come.  As we headed into the shopping center, I said I wish they had a cookie store because I could really use a sugar boost this afternoon.  As we turned the corner, poof, The Great American Cookie Store!

Then I noticed that it was next door to The Purple Cow (a burger place).  I said, That's great, but I wish we were getting some really good places here like Twisted Root Burger Co.  We drove on and what did we see?  A sign in a window that coming to that location...Twisted Root Burger Co.!  Seriously!  Then we drove on and saw that another one of my favorite restaurants, La Duni is opening there also!  We are also getting a Freebirds, Glorias and Patrizios.  I'm so excited to have these really great restaurants so close!

Then we went across the street to another new shopping center to head in TJ Maxx (Jennifer was looking for something).  I said While we are here, I'm going to check and see if they have the Sarah Beth's jam I like (for your reference, I love SB's Strawberry Peach jam, but it is hard to find and they don't even sell that variety at Williams Sonoma and I hate to have to have it shipped from NYC and pay shipping.).  I kid you not, they had it right there on the shelf!

At this point Jennifer said, "Wish for a million bucks!  Everything you say is happening!".  I did, but it didn't happen.   It sucks that apparently I had uncovered a genie, but didn't know it and wasted my three wishes. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun and Fun

So, in sharp contrast to Sunday's 8 1/2 inches of snow, we were in the upper 70's today. Lola and I had a little outside playtime with one of her favorite toys, "green guy".
(in case you were wondering what a green guy is, he is in the photo to the right of Lola)
lola in sun
Since Tuesday is my night off, I got to have some fun instead of teaching class. My blog designer and friend, Traci was in town from Arkansas and we got together for dinner at Mi Cocina. Traci has a birthday coming up very soon, so I got her a little something. She's so cute and fun!


We wanted a photo of us together. When, oh when will I learn to have multiple photos taken by multiple people? Our waiter, whose first language was not English, didn't quite understand the directions to my camera...hold the button down half way until it focuses and then press down all the way. I think he just did the press down and missed the "focus" part. Ugh! Well, after a little editing, this is what we were left with...

me & traci

After dinner we did a brief window shopping trip to Swoozies, Sephora and Borders. I was so glad to get together with Traci. While we have e-mailed, been blog buddies and talked on the phone for about a year now, we haven't actually met in person until tonight! So fun!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to the Grind...

Well the lovely phenomenon known as Spring Break is over. I have mixed feelings about it...

I'm happy it is over because I did not enjoy the crowds that were out and about all last week at the places that are usually less crowded during the week.

I'm going to miss free time at night...I had forgotten how nice it is to have 3 extra nights at home during the week!

Someone around here let her feelings about the end of spring break be known last night when I went to class...

Lola, the little toot, let all her frustrations be known on a Vanity Fair magazine. Lest you think she just found a magazine and did what paper-hounds do, I will let you in the fact that this magazine has been sitting in the exact same spot for a couple of weeks and she hadn't touched it until I left for class last night.

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Snow had been predicted for Saturday night/Sunday morning, but they varied on the amounts. First it was just a dusting, then it was 1 inch, then it was 1 maybe 2 inches.

This is what it looked like when I went to bed on Saturday night...

snow night

This is what it looked like when I woke up on Sunday morning...

snow morning

1-2 inches my A$$! It is spring and there is a ton of snow!

Lola looked at me this morning and I could read her thoughts "Are You Kidding Me?"... lola spring snow
If my spring flowers can have thoughts, I know they are thinking "Are You Kidding Me?"...
spring flowers in snow
Easter flag blowing in the blizzard breeze...
easter flag in snow
Easter Decorations buried in the snow...
easter decorations in snow
Tomorrow it is suppose to be 64 degrees, and I'm thinking Are You Kidding Me?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Because it is the first day of spring...

2nd round blooms 6
Because it looks like we are in the depth of winter with these cold, grey skies...

2nd round blooms 5
Because my fairy godmother (iphone) says that it is currently 35 degrees...

2nd round blooms 3
Because the temperatures are suppose to continue to drop until it is freezing...

2nd round blooms 4
Because I'm watching the snow creep closer and closer on the radar...

2nd round blooms 2
I'm sharing a few more pics from the Arboretum

2nd round blooms 1


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