Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Do you guys know who Fonzworth Bentley is? He is the guy who got "famous" for holding Sean Combs' umbrella (aka: Puff Daddy, P Diddy, etc.).

Here is a photo in case you don't know and think I'm crazy and making this stuff up:

Why in the heck am I blogging about this? Well, it is raining here again. Lola, my little precious pup who believes that she made of sugar (and thus would melt in the rain), hates getting wet. I was just trying to take her out to go potty and she ran under the eaves of the house and wouldn't come out, and well, she just couldn't find the right spot under the eaves. I was outside with an umbrella held primarily over the pup (thus I was getting wet while she stayed dry) while she went potty. I thought to myself... you are just like Fonzworth, but you'll never get famous for this and you're not getting paid! Oh to have the life of P. Diddy and Lola!

The Straw...

I hate doing yard work. You know, the mowing, weedeating, and blowing off the sidewalk, etc. Many of you lucky readers have husbands to do this task, I of course, do not. I had a lawncrew when I lived in Dallas. They came every week and it was wonderful. When I moved to McKinney, I decided I would do it myself to save money.

I have basically hated every minute of the lawn work since. I have a very tumultuous relationship with my weed eater. First, when I bought the thing, the stupid guy at Home Depot told me to buy the curved shaft weed eater because it is easier for women to use. Maybe short women, but it kills my back! When it comes to refilling the string, well, that is just very unpleasant. If you were on the other side of the fence, you would probably think I had a sailor visiting, because lots of cursing occurs!

When I moved here, my Dad gave me his mower that was "the best one he ever had!" but of course it died every 10 minutes of use when I was mowing with it. Last year I inherited another lawn mower and my Dad said that it was even better than the other one I had. It did pretty well last year with a few exceptions...nothing I couldn't fix. This year, I have hired my yard mowed once and mowed twice myself. The first time was a couple of weeks ago. The darn mower died every minute for the first 7 or 8 minutes until it was up and running. I though, no big deal, it has been sitting all winter without being used, it's just a little rusty.

Today I decided to mow before the rain hit because my fence construction is suppose to start as early as tomorrow (depending on rain) and once they put up the temporary fence to keep Lola in, I won't be able to get the mower into the back yard. Today I had the same problem with it quitting, but it only did it like 5 times. Then as I was finishing and pushing it back to the garage, I heard a crack and the darn back wheel cracked, broke completely and the wheel fell off! I will repeat it... The stupid wheel fell off and cannot be put back on!!!

This really may be the straw that broke the camel's back on the yard work. I figure I should just sell my lawn equipment and get a lawn crew on retainer. It would really be a win win win situation: Win 1- I wouldn't have to find the time or energy to do the work, Win 2- I wouldn't have to worry about getting everything working and keeping it workable, and Win 3- I wouldn't have to find the space in my garage for storing 2 mowers and the other stuff.

Now, do you think that anyone will be interested in a three wheeled mower on Craig's List?


Ok, so I've had three persistent fears over the past few years... I find it a little odd because I'm not really a fearful person (other than my frog phobia which is really at the top of my fear list), but most of my fears come from some worst case scenario show I saw on CNN, Discovery Channel, etc.

Here's the list:

(1) Gigantic Hurricane wipes out New Orleans
(2) Tornado hits downtown Dallas
(3) Pandemic

As far as #1 goes, back in 2004 or 2005, I saw a worst case scenario show on CNN about when "the big hurricane" hits NOLA. My roommate at the time, Jennifer, walked through the living room as I was watching it and said, "What has happened!". She said the look on my face was like I had lost my best friend. I told her about the horrible things that would happen to NOLA if the big one hit. You can imagine my state of mind as I watch Katrina heading for NOLA...I knew it wasn't going to be good. So obviously, #1 has happened, so not really on my worst fear list anymore because we've seen it.

#2 has really been written off of my list because I no longer work on the 49th floor of a big building downtown. Yes, this fear stemmed from a show I saw on the Discovery Channel or something like that. I have friends that do still work there, but I figure they can put this on their fear list now, it doesn't need to be a monkey on my back!

Now #3. Pandemic. This has been a fear for a while and now here we are in the middle of a swine flu pandemic. The World Heath Organization has just escalated us to a Level 5 alert which means a pandemic is eminent. Maybe your not worried, but seeing as I am around so many people every single day from my students to the courthouse people (ie: the dregs of society), I'm a little worried.

I guess on the flip side of this, once this is over (and if I'm still alive) my big fear list may be obsolete!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I love Make-up!

I just heard a comment from a friend at MSU wanting to know if I still loved to shop and if I still go to the make-up counter religiously.... YES!

I love to shop for just about anything. I shop for myself. I shop for friends. Heck sometimes, I end up shopping for people I barely know!

My favorite shopping splurges are purses, shoes, and make-up (including other face cleaning, moisturizing, etc.). I have always had a thing for make-up. I remember the first time my Mom took me to the Clinique make-up counter... HEAVEN! I haven't stuck with Clinique over the years though. In fact, it is a common question friends always as me, "What brand are you wearing now?"

In college, I switched to Lancome. That was primarily out of necessity. Clinique didn't actually have a foundation that was light enough for my complexion. In law school, I switched to MAC. Post law school I went to Laura Mercier, then Chanel, next was Trish McEvoy and now currently Armani. I know! My friend Lisa claims I'm kind of a make-up slut! That's really funny because I'm super loyal with other things. I have the exact same checking account that I opened in 6th grade, for example. In fairness, while I have changed brands, I've had the same little make-up sales person at Neimans for well over 10 years.

At this moment, I'm not 100% Armani though. Here is the breakdown:

Primer & Foundation: Armani
Powder: Laura Mercier
Blush: Nars (or Armani if I use liquid blush)
Eyeshadow: Chanel, Armani, or Trish McEvoy (depending on the day)
Eyeliner: Armani or maybe Trish
Lipstick: Armani

Of course, what I listed above doesn't include everything I use. I also use a great thing by Trish McEvoy called line refiner. You put it on before your concealer and it helps. For concealer, I found a fantastic cheap-o concealer stick by Max Factor called Erace. It was recommended by In Style Magazine last year and this year and the only place I could find it was Albertsons. For mascara, I love Prescriptives False Eyelashes, but have been wearing Cover Girl Lash Exact for a couple of years because it is way cheaper and I go through it so often. Speaking of favorite non-make-up item that I use daily and wouldn't think of leaving the house without using is my eyelash curler! The best, bar none is by shu uemmura (they also make the false eyelashes I like, but I'm bad at putting them on, so never wear them).

I do usually try to go about twice a year to the make-up counter and switch it up. To be honest, I've really got about every color of everything they make, so the switch up visit has become less fun. I also have lost my favorite make-up artists, so this spring trip was a bust and I ended up returning almost everything because the eye shadow combination ended up making me look like I had had a black eye that was in the healing process (you know kind of yellowish, greenish, purpleish...real pretty). That is partly why I'm a little schizo on the eyeshadows and mixing it all up. There is a pallet of Chanel that I bought a couple of years ago that I'm liking again.

So yes Anne, I do still love to buy the make-up...some things just never change! Thanks for the post suggestion! By the way, I had 5 comments on my last entry! I'm so excited because I've never had that many comments!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Full Weekend

This was really a weekend full of activities. Saturday morning I went to Fort Worth to visit my friend Suzanna and her family. I hardly EVER make it to Fort Worth. Usually Suz is the one nice enough to travel over this direction to see me (though I figure I'm only part of it since the outlet mall is so close to my house!). She has been remodeling some bathrooms, so I decided it was time for me to make the journey southwest of here to visit her for a change!

We went to Fred's Texas House for lunch and feasted on hamburgers. It has apparently been recognized by The Food Network's "Guy's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". It was yummy. After lunch we took an adventure to an interesting area of town to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Sale shop (located next door to the Grande Goodwill and a Mercado). Suz had heard that they get appliances donated by Lowes when special orders go bad. Though we weren't really in the market for such a things, we decided to go look.

On the way back to Suz's house we started talking about my parents and their Rock-Star-Tour-Bus. I then remembered that they were suppose to be in Fort Worth on Saturday night too. I called and sure enough, they were parked down in the Stockyards in the bus.

Suz's little guy, Bennett, loved the bus. My mom showed him how to push buttons and raise the visor on the front window, and do all sorts of other stuff. It really seemed like a 3 year old boy's dream. I think Matt, Suz's husband, thought it was a 30-something year old man's dream once he discovered the HD big screen tv and the cold beer!

Here is a pic of Bennett (bad camera phone pic, but isn't he cute).

The other treat of the day was that Bennett showed me his new guitar and sang me a song. He was so cute, I really wish I had gotten a photo of that! I don't know why I didn't except that it is hard to think of taking a photo when you are being serenaded!

I made it back to McKinney about 7:00 and then Billy came over for dinner and a movie. I had promised a home cooked meal to my poor friend, but then stayed in Fort Worth too long, so he got take out from Pei Wei instead. We watched "The Wrestler". It was good. Good acting. A little depressing. At least that was my evaluation, Billy thought it was "awesome".

Today, I met Lisa and her little boy, Tommy to see Disney's "earth".

I proposed this outing and Tommy said that he "guessed he could go with us". I was a little offended and told Lisa to tell him he had it all wrong. Since he didn't have a job or a car, I guess we would take him with us was more like it! Seriously, I don't know when we got so uncool that a 10 year old doesn't want to go somewhere with us. 8 years ago he loved me, now I'm only tolerable! I would have taken a photo of us all at the movie, but I thought that might be pushing it!

I don't really do well with all the "circle of life" stuff, but I thought "earth" would be safe for me to watch. I mean it is rated "G" and a Disney flick. I should have known better... I mean they are the company that killed Bambi's mom after all. Of course, not long into it I was digging for kleenex and crying. I still don't understand why the stupid camera man couldn't toss some food out of the helicopter to the poor starving polar bear! If you are contemplating taking your children, I will point out that the kids seemed to fare much better with the whole "circle of life" crap than I did!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy Bee

So I was quite the busy bee this week if I do say so myself!

On Wednesday, I purchased and planted some impatients out front, but I've already blogged about that. But beyond that, I managed to also do a load of laundry and mostly clean the house! This is really unprecedented for me during the week. I'm usually just a blob after I finish work, but this week I was actually productive. I guess maybe because I have several different things planned this weekend and the next, so it all has to get done some time, right?

Yesterday I went from nursery to nursery buying more flowers. I thought I only needed a few more plants in the front yard, but that actually turned into about 20 more plants. I also purchased most everything I was going to need to plant the back yard too. Because I had a long night of classes last night, I wasn't actually able to get any of it planted.

Today after I had finished all my work, I started planting. Here are some pics of the final results:

I'm completely done with the front yard
The next few photos include the newly painted black pots with flowers in them
I'm pretty pleased with them
I don't think they are all "Adams Family" anymore, plus I really like the black because it goes well in the front with the black shutters and black front door.
Now to the back yard...
Above is the newly painted and re-coco-lined planter (btw: this is the famous planter...the planter that I went to McKinney Trade Days to buy four years ago this month and left with the planter and a baby Lola!)
Below is the recently re-coco-lined kitchen window planter
The view from inside the kitchen...
Another pot

Things never look great when you first plant them, but hopefully soon they will grow and things will start to trail off the sides of the pots and they will look really good. Of course I wasn't able to finish in the back yard planting completely because I ran out of dirt. I was trying to put in some new miracle grow dirt in each pot so that the things would do a little better.

Here are some photos of my crazy growing climbing rose bush. It is about to bust out in a hundred more blooms! Can you believe that I only planted this guy last year and it was fairly small, maybe only a 5 gallon pot!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

S L O W L Y. . .

Slowly, I'm continuing to check off items from my "To Do" List. Here is today's progress:

I purchased and planted flowers in my front beds. I purchased these at a garden center out north of town. They usually have lots of flowers to choose from, but today the selection was not that great. Hopefully with a little water, these guys will perk up and look better. I bought three flats and am probably about 4 or 5 inpatients short. I will need to pick up a few more to finish planting around the tree.

I had hoped to purchase flowers to put in my pots, but they didn't have what a wanted. That is really just the story of my life! Nobody has everything I need! Why in today's superstore climate can we not get everything in one spot? Walmart has things that Target doesn't and of course the opposite is true too. I have to go to Market Street for things that neither Walmart or Target carry. You have to go to Lowes for some things, but then Home Depot for others... It never ends! Drives me nuts!

Well, today was the day... I broke down and turned on my air conditioner! Boy is it hot already! I would prefer the temps be about 10-15 degrees cooler. Alas, I believe summer is nipping at our heels!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Fence

I have been trying to get a new fence for months now. It is a shared fence and it is completely falling down. I have it propped up with 2x4's, but needless to say it is very difficult to mow. I just hold my breath every time the wind blows that it won't blow completely over! I have some very indecisive neighbors...have I mentioned that I hate a shared fence situation? I want board on board cedar and my neighbors say they don't care, they don't want it, they do want it, then back again!

I think we finally have the situation resolved. In two weeks the fence crew will be here and I finally put my foot down and said, it doesn't cost much more, so let's do the board on board!

On another note, I contacted the county rep who appointed me to that case I mentioned yesterday and told her that I have a conflict. I honestly think that the defendant deserves a defense and I cannot do that, thus the conflict. I have just received news that I have been un-appointed.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Live from Broadway!

I just purchased tickets for "Legally Blonde...the musical"!!!!
I've been impatiently awaiting the tickets to go on sale and they did today!!!

Additional Progress Report

Here are some additional photos from my spray paint palooza this weekend!

Chaise Lounge Chairs were repainted and also the side table. See... Lola is still white so I didn't paint EVERYTHING! Also, you can see the new cushions I purchased last month at Garden Ridge.
I also had to repaint my little bistro table. These cushions are kind of new. I could never find this size anywhere, so I purchased some outdoor fabric and my grandmother recovered them for me. I think they turned out very nice.

Now, I realized today that one of the upsides to being an adult is that when you have a self imposed grounding, you can also end the grounding early for a special circumstance! I was at Garden Ridge today and was wondering around looking at everything because this one in particular has become quite the ghetto flea market. Anyway, I happened upon tables and tables of books for $2.99 and $3.99. That's cheaper than Half Price Books! I actually stumbled upon one that was on my "To Buy Once Ungrounded" list, but found a couple (okay, several) others that I couldn't resist!

I got all of these for $26!!!!

I thought it had been a pretty good day for a Monday, but then I got an awful e-mail. I was appointed by the County to represent an indigent inmate. Fine, no biggie, I do that all the time, right? Well this one is charged with Animal Cruelty (Non-livestock)! Now being a person who things animal cruelty equates to putting a dog in a not-so-cute collar, can you imagine my horror? I won't take these cases for any amount of money, but now I'm stuck with this one and will get paid peanuts from the County. You people seriously need to pray for me to get through this one... UGHH!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

List Progress

Alright, here is the progress report on my "To Do" list:

Finished watching General Hospital for the week- Done!
Watched disk 2 of "In Treatment"- Done!

Kidding... not about doing those things, but that they were anywhere close to being on my "To Do" list!

In all seriousness, I think that I did accomplish a lot this weekend. Since there are a few more hours left in the day, I hope that this isn't a complete list of things accomplished. Yesterday I did manage to unload the dishwasher and re-load it (because you see it had needed to be unloaded for so long, it basically is full again immediately!), and I did ALL of my laundry and got it hung up/folded and put away.

I also tackled my "organize my closet" item on the list.

Here are some before photos...
I purchased a case of the clear shoe boxes 3 1/2 years ago when I moved into my house. The plan was that out-of-season shoes would be stored in them (see above) and that the shoes I am currently wearing would be stored on the shelves (see below).
This plan hasn't worked so well. I have discovered that often shoes are dusty when I get ready to wear them and I had to store shoes in three different spots (see below for spot #3). Also, I had purses on various shelves and not all together (see below)
So I had the idea to go back to The Container Store and get an additional case of clear shoe boxes. There are 20 boxes to a case and figured that with the 20 I already had, that should be plenty...then I got home. As I started looking around I realized, "Crap! I've got a lot of shoes!". So I went back for another case. You see this has really been a project a few weeks in the making. Okay, here are the results...

Another view of this shelf unit...
Another portion of the closet...
This is the other part of the project that took a while...
I took photos of all my shoes and put them on the inside of the box so that I can clearly see which shoe is in which box. Taking the photos took longer than I thought. I did that last weekend. It also took a little longer this weekend to assemble them because they didn't exactly fit, so I had to crop the photos before taping them inside.

Here are all my bags all on one shelf. I think that I'm going to make (or have my grandmother make) storage bags for all the purses that don't have one. That way they won't get all dusty and nasty while not in use.
Today, I had to make a trek back to Walmart so I purchased another 3 tier spice rack to organize my stuff in the closet... I'm sure the folks at Walmart had no idea how many uses I could come up with for their 3 tier spice rack!

That was the extend of Saturday's accomplishments. Today since it wasn't raining, I planned to tackle some of the outdoor items on my list. I thought I had planned well and made a trip to Walmart on Friday so that I would have everything I needed for my project and be all set to go...HA! In the middle of my darn project, I had to go back to Walmart for more spray paint (the original 5 cans I purchased weren't enough)!
What was I spray painting? Well first, I was redoing my pots.
They all looked chipped and worn like this:
I decided to paint them black so that they would look like this:
Now, I think they look a little "Adam's Family" right now, but I think once I plant flowers in them they will be okay. I also sprayed the cross that sticks in the pot (see above) black, my metal Eiffel Tower lawn ornament and my Double T rain gauge black. Basically if it didn't run away from me today, it got a coat of black paint (luckily, Lola is still white even though she came dangerously close to me and the spray paint)!

I also repainted the outdoor lawn furniture, but I will take those photos later once it is dry and post them later.
Finally, I managed to plant the few things I purchased on Friday... a hibiscus, a couple of ferns on the front porch and a mint plant (so I can make these drinks I discovered in Mexico last year).
On a happy note, look at my roses!
I planted several "Earth Kind" roses last year. These roses are suppose to be Texas hardy. They don't get diseases, are kind of draught tolerant and even thoough they are a product of those darn Aggies, they are still pretty great! This is the climbing bush I planted last year and it has gone nuts! Click on the Earth Kind in quotes above for the link to the website.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

List Help

I am publishing my list of "To Do's" for the weekend. To be realistic it may be more than one weekend's worth of "To Do's" and if so, that is okay, I just want to publish it so that I feel like my blog readers are holding me accountable! You see, I do need someone to hold me accountable or I may never get it all done... Lola isn't so good at this because she would just assume that I sit on the couch and read or watch a movie as long as she is getting petted in the process!

Outside: (I'm already making an excuse on this one...It is raining today)
Repaint outdoor furniture
Paint flower pots
Spray for weeds in the backyard
Buy dirt and mulch and spread
Move plumaria plants from garage to backyard
Buy flowers to plant and get them planted (you'd be surprised how often I do step 1 and not step 2!)


Usual litany of laundry, clean house, unload dishwasher...
Box up all Easter stuff
Continue working to organize closet (specifically shoes)
Clean out garage (it's a hazard)
...Now I plan to get right on this list just as soon as I am finished watching Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday's episodes of General Hospital. :) Hey, Helena is back, what do you want from me!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Heard it on the Radio

Okay, I normally do not listen to the radio in the car, I listen to my ipod. I cannot stand the constant yammering of the radio personalities! I find that they are generally stupid and half the crap they say isn't correct anyway, much less its probably something I don't even care about hearing. That being said, I listen to our local Collin County radio station on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings when I'm headed to the College because they give local traffic reports. I have only recently started doing this because I got stuck in some major traffic jams (Can't wait until 121 turns into a toll road!).

I heard a couple of very interesting things this morning...

First, Rick Springfield is coming to Ardmore, Oklahoma to do a concert. Ardmore, Oklahoma! What in the world! My have far you have fallen Rick! I'm not even going to lie about it... I've been contemplating a trip up to Ardmore to see the 80's rock star. Not so much because of the music, but because as a big General Hospital fan, I can hardly pass up getting to see Dr. Noah Drake! Tickets don't really seem like Ardmore prices though, so I will probably pass it up, but it still seems weird.

Second thing I heard this morning was an advertisement for a radio show that will be airing tonight apparently. They said "We'll tell you about the 4 guys you should stay away from". At first I laughed to myself as I imagined like an actual 4 guys being named... (1) John Doe, Bill Smith, etc. I know that isn't what they meant, but it amused me for a few minutes. Then I thought to myself, okay 4 types of guys you should stay away from... there are only 4?!?! I don't know who made the list, but I'm guessing it wasn't a 32 year old single gal! I could write a treatise on the wrong guys, but then I started thinking about all my dating mishaps and decided to share one of the funniest/oddest ones for your amusement:

I was on a first date with a guy who was so disturbed by all of my curly hair that it was all he would talk about. "Has it always been curly?" Yes. "Do you straighten it often?" No. "Have you thought about cutting it?" Not recently. "Why not?" Well, most people can recognize me right off because of my hair. "Do you think that is a good thing?" Well, I don't really guess it is a good or bad thing. "Would you cut it?" Not for you! "Would you pull it back in a pony tail so I could see what you would look like without it?" Not a chance in hell! I mean jeez, you asked me out on this date! I'm not sure which of the four categories this guy would fit it, but if you listen to the radio show tonight talking about it let me know so that I can stay away from another weirdo!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heaven from a Bundt Pan

I stumbled upon some super yumminess on Tuesday night. Corner Bakery has a new ,mini bundt cake that is a citrus bundt cake (made with orange, lemon and lime) with a ginger glaze poured over it. I'm in so much trouble for having discovered this! It is the best...truly, it is heaven from a bundt pan!

On another food note, Lisa is in N'awlins again. Mito was going to a continuing education seminar and she is along for the ride (and lawfirm paid hotel room). She called today to ask specific directions to "our candy stores" and to take my official order. You see most people go to NOLA craving a hurricane, but we have a list of candy stores we love and a specific type of candy at each that we crave when we are back here in Texas. I can't wait for her to get home on Saturday with my candy delivery!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I taught class this morning but as of 8:50, I was taking a day off (well for the most part anyway). Today was the day that Suzanna and I were headed to the Hotel Zaza to visit the ZaSpa. The hotel, restaurant and bar are so great I had really high hopes...which as usual probably isn't a good thing. I always find that it is so much better to have low expectations and be thoroughly surprised than for it to go the other way around.

Don't get me wrong, a massage is a massage and that is always nice. I think that my biggest complaint about the place is that it really seems like an afterthought (I think it may really be one too). In addition, my massage lady was kind of mean. When she called me, we were placing our lunch orders (because the spa staff had been dragging their feet in getting our order) and when I didn't come immediately she yelled at me that "time was wasting!". I appreciate that she wanted me to get my full massage, but someone yelling at you isn't a good way to start your relaxation! Then at some point I apparently tried to "help" her when she was lifting my leg and she yelled at me again. Other than that, she gave me a pretty good massage.

We were planning to have lunch at their Dragonfly restaurant, but when I told the lady booking the spa stuff that, she said "Oh, we can just order it and bring it up to the spa for you." So fine, that was the plan. Turns out, there really isn't a good place for us to eat lunch and then those jerks added $7 to each of our lunch items for bringing it up. That kind of crap just drives me nuts!

Anyway, aside from the complaints, it was a nice departure from the norm. I'll just know for the future that if it isn't "Spa Week" and I'm going to shell out for a full price massage, I would rather have my little spa in Allen than the "fancy" ZaSpa!

ZaSpa was selling my new Clarisonic face cleaning device. I have already been questioned about how I'm liking it, but the thing is, I haven't used it yet! It says in the instructions that you are suppose to charge it for 24 hours before using. I was sooooo tempted last night (think fruit in the garden of eden tempted), but I didn't succumb because I figured since it was expensive I didn't want to screw it up! I will use it tonight for the first time and let you know.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome to my new and improved blog! I love it and I hope you do too!

First, you will notice the massive change in design. Thank you Ms. Traci with Sweet Cheeky Designs! She is fabulous at what she does and had the patience of Job while dealing with me and my many "change this to that" e-mails that went her way. You can link to her webpage from the icon on the right column if you want to check out her portfolio or have her re-do your blog.

Second, you've known that a name change was coming for a while, but not what the new name would be. You know in my online vote, I threw out several options, but has second thoughts about all of them because I didn't LOVE any of them. I settled on "Legally Blonde's Proceedings" because of the play on words with "proceedings" having legal conotations, but also according to Webster's Dictionary, proceedings means "events, happenings" and "an official record of things said or done", which I thought made it the perfect name for my blog.


Today's Quest for Perfection and Youth

I have been working with the blog designer extraordinaire this morning. She had my first draft blog design completed. Of course I'm too difficult and couldn't just say "Love It" though I did really like it, so we have been tweaking it. I can't wait until the big reveal!

In other news, Lola is really feeling so much better. I feel like such a bad mom that I didn't realize she was sick for so long. I thought she had just progressed past the puppy stage, I mean she did just turn 4 after all. This morning first thing she was hot on the trail of a squirrel which led to a super muddy dog that had to be put in the bath. Then while I was showering, I could see (at least see her as well as I can without my contacts in) darting in and out of the bathroom. She would dash in and raid the trash can for kleenex and then run into my bedroom and shred them. This was repeated over and over until I was done showering. It is kind of annoying to have to pick up the mess, but it is great to see her feeling so spunky!

I have purchased a device this morning called a Clarisonic. I have become obsessed with my skin recently and have heard/read many good things about this little device. It is made by the people who came up with sonicare toothbrushes. It is the same idea, but for your face. It is suppose to really cleanse deeply and also help with skin conditions like acne, rosacea, fine lines, etc. I decided to bite the bullet and try it. I had a 20% off coupon at Ulta that I could use for it and then I have 60 days to use it and if I don't like it, I can return it for my money back. It isn't cheap, but then I figured neither is restalyn or other treatments to get rid of wrinkles, so why not try to prevent them!

Nothing else really exciting today... I have a meeting with a super annoying man at 3:30 and then am giving a test tonight in my class. Suz and I have our big spa day tomorrow at Hotel Zaza. I'm soooooo ready for that Muscle Meltdown Massage that I'm scheduled for!

By the way, I was just telling Lisa that I needed her to sign up as a "friend" for my blog. I told her that it doesn't look like I have any friends. She said, "Oh you have lots of friends, they are all just too technically inept to know how to comment or sign up as a friend!". Maybe so, but if you know how, add yourself to my friends list. Once my new blog is up and running, you're totally going to want to be a friend!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter! I hope that the bunny came to see you and brought you some yummy chocolate. I will give an Easter update in a moment, but I want to update on what I did Saturday after I blogged.

I watched all the movies I had from Netflix. "Doubt" was really good with great acting by everyone...Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams. "In Treatment" disk one included the first 5 episodes. I had heard some good things about it and knew that Blair Underwood was nominated for his role, but primarily I got it because of Gabriel Byrne. I love him in almost everything he is in, but I think this is a really interesting series and I can't wait to get some more disks and continue watching. As for "Marly & Me", well I was correct that I had no business watching this in public... I cried so hard I had to stop the movie and regroup. It was ugly!

I picked up some beautiful peppers the other day at Market Street on sale and decided to make fajitas.

Just in case you didn't believe me, I took some photos of the pepper and onions.

Love all the color!

Anyway, the plan was to make the fajitas (both meat and vegetables) outside because then it wouldn't stink up the house or dirty up the kitchen too much. I was planning to cook both chicken and beef fajitas. I went out to the grill to turn it on and all went well. I went back to put the meat on and realized that I had just ran out of propane! Of course, I was ready to cook everything at that point and had the rice cooking on the stove already, so I didn't want to leave to go buy some propane, so I just cooked in the house instead.

The red, green and purple look so pretty, but stunk up the house!

Now for the Easter report: Below are the easter "baskets" that I put together for everyone I was going to see today.

Here are the "Chicks Rule" buckets that I put together for my cousins Maddie and Gracie.
Here are the ones for Lola and Milly (though I was sad that my parents came without Milly today, so I didn't get to see if she liked her treats)
Here are the bunny bags that I did for my parents
Lola examining her easter basket this morning...
She is very difficult to buy for now because she can't have real treats. A new bone is always a good bet and she loves toys, but seriously, I may have to add on a room for all her toys! I filled up some eggs with her approved treats (prescription dog food kibble) and she LOVED it!
Here is the cute doggy easter bag that her grandparents brought her. It has the cutest bunny in it along with a new pink bone and some new puppy shampoo.
Mom, Dad and I all went down to Dallas to eat at Al Biernat's, our usual Easter routine. This year was a little different. Usually, they have a set menu where you choose from an appetizer, main course and dessert. This year, it was just a regular brunch menu. We all had our usual appetizer of salad. For the main course, we all varied. I had Filet Oscar, Mom had the prime rib and Dad tried the blackened pork chops. Luckily Dad shared and his pork chops were the best things ever! He said they were the best ones he has ever had in his life! Of course for dessert we all had the coconut cream pie...Al's is the BEST coconut cream pie on earth. It was super yummy and always a treat to go to one of my favorite restaurants on the holiday. This year Lisa, Mito, Tommy and Lisa's parents were there too, so I got to see all of them and wish them a Happy Easter.
After lunch we briefly stopped by my uncle's house so I could give the girls their Easter buckets.
Now, Lola and I are just chilling out on the couch, way too full from lunch. Hope you all are having a good day too!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday = Chores on Saturday

Kids have a great day playing and doing just what their hearts' desire and that is it, it ends there. Not when you are an adult. Yesterday I had a great day doing nothing but what I wanted and not doing anything that I didn't want to do. Well today it is time to pay the piper...chores!
I'm calling it my clean up the messes Saturday. What are those messes? House, Yard and some little creature named Lola.

I had hoped to catch my neighbor's yard guy this week and have him knock out one of those chores for me (especially since my Live Oaks in the front had dropped a ton of leaves since he was here a couple of weeks ago). I usually do the yard myself, except in the spring when there are leaves and my allergies are terrible. Alas, I never caught him this week, so I decided to do it myself before my parents come tomorrow and my Dad points out how terrible it looks.

My house is a mess again too. I don't know why I'm so messy. I kind of always have been and it used to drive my mom nuts. I will just not put things back where they go, so then I have to spend an hour on Saturdays putting things back where they go! It drives me nuts, but at 32, I doubt I'm really going to change.

As far as the mess named Lola, well see for yourself:

Could her beard be pointing in any more different directions?!?! She actually hasn't had a bath in a while because of the surgery and stitches, etc. She will probably get groomed this week, but she has to have a bath and get all clean and shiny for Easter Sunday.

I hope to get this house and dog cleaned up soon because I have a couple of things I would like to do today. I have three DVDs that arrived this week from Netflix that I'm anxious to watch... "Doubt", "Marly and Me" (I was too afraid to go watch this at the theatre because I was scared that I would go into an horribly ugly crying fit at some point in the movie), and the first of nine disks of the HBO series "In Treatment".

On another note, you may have noticed that I took down the "name the blog" vote earlier than I had planned. I heard from the blog lady and she was ready to get started on my design. Instead of going to the end of the line because I hadn't decided on a name yet, I hurried up and with her help (and patience with me) came up with a name. I actually decided that I wasn't in love with any of the names I proposed and after combing through the dictionary (yes, really), I came up with a name I really like and think is clever. You will have to stay tuned....

Finally, I just heard that my junior high gifted and talented teacher and her husband (who was a local vet before he retired) lost their home in the Montague County fires on Thursday. They apparently watched the fires closely all day and it looked like they were fine, but at about 5:00 p.m. the winds shifted directions and they only had 15 minutes to get out of dodge. It is so sad and scary. I hear that now they are wishing that they had saved different things from what they did. I know a couple of years ago when my parents had to evacuate the fires, I was mad at Mom for not getting certain things when they left. She said it was difficult to even think when you were told to "get out" (not to mention she had my Dad to deal with who was freshly home from the hospital with two broken arms and two blown shoulders!)...yes, I realize I was a jerk for even complaining. Luckily they were spared in those fires.

I guess it is important for all of us to make a prioritized evacuation list. You know what we take if we have 30 seconds to get out (people and pets), what we take if we have a few minutes, 30 minutes, etc. Maybe if we made the lists in advance, we would remember some of the things we would want if ever, god forbid, we were in an emergency situation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

...And it was a good Friday! I slept as late as I wanted and then started my day. I went to the outlet mall to do a couple of things... pay on my account at Ann Taylor and Neimans, see whether the wallet I'm eyeing at Coach has been marked down any, and stop by Gap to use a $5 off any purchase coupon and get a price change on a sweater I purchased last week that is now 30% off. After that I headed to The Shops at Legacy. I had lunch at Taco Diner and then saw "Sunshine Cleaners" at the Angelika. Sorry Abby, despite your speculation, you were wrong, no way-no how was I going to see Hannah Montanna. :) I hate that little Miley Cyrus...not quite as much as I hate Ann Curry from the Today Show, but almost that much!

After that, I went to the mall to do an exchange at White Barn Candle and I hit up a sale at Gap Body. Then I headed home to let Lola outside (I was sure by this point she would be standing with her legs crossed!). Aside from the horrendous traffic on the way home, it was a pretty good day.

Below is a photo of what crazy Lola was up to all day while I was gone. For some reason she had placed two of her Ellies by the front door. I don't know why they were trying to escape. Her third Ellie (yes we have three just alike and she has all three of them out at ALL times) was placed similarly by my bedroom door.

Check out this cookie!
Don't all rush over here. I did not make cookies. I repeat, I did NOT make cookies. This was a cookie that I purchased over at a bakery today. I thought it was so clever! Instead of going to the trouble to put on a bunny face, they just made it a bunny butt! If I make Easter cookies next year, I will have to remember this.
For an update on Thursday's fires: I spoke with the family today. My Mom had quite the story about she and my Dad driving through the fires to get to the leases to shut off the pumps. Too scary. My grandmother said that a good deal of their land burned but they were able to get the cattle moved from pasture to pasture so they didn't get burned up. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain up there this weekend and that will help the land all around Montague County go from a "war scene" to green pretty quickly.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Montague County seems to be on fire again. I'm trying to keep up with it and everyone from class right now. I am giving a test so it is allowing me to monitor

I think a good deal of my grandfather's land has burned. I see on wfaa that the fire on his place is one they are saying is "out of control". That's great because when I spoke with my grandmother an hour and half ago that is exactly where they were instead of in town at their house.

I just spoke with my parents and they were heading toward the fires in Montague because Dad needed to turn off the pumps at his oil leases over there.

I hate that my family seems to be going the opposite direction from where they should be!

I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sleepless in McKinney

I started planning and plotting last night to revamp my blog. I am getting professional help... not for my obsessive designing issues, but professional blog help! I have been eyeing this one designer for a while and contacted her yesterday. We were in e-mail contact many times, some conversation was about the blog, some was just about other things. She viewed my blog briefly and said that she feels as though she is really my long lost sister, AND she is originally from McKinney! Too crazy! Poor thing, I hope I'm not too obsessive about things and drive her nuts, plus by claiming to be "sisters" she upped the ante and I now have greater expectations that she will "get me" and get "my vision"!

Anyway, as with every creative type of project I take on, I couldn't stop thinking about it last night! I honestly don't think I got more than 1-2 hours of sleep all night. Of course, it was an early morning of subbing again, so that didn't really help things either.

The good news is that today was my last early subbing morning and Lola hasn't seemed as out of sorts today as she did on Monday. After I finished all the work for the day, I took advantage of the warm sunny day and my need for a nap and took to the chaise lounge outside.

Tomorrow is going to be a little crazy. I have court in the morning and then have to be back at 1:30 for a plea that could take 30 minutes or 3 hours...who knows! Hopefully it will be the shorter because I have class tomorrow night. It shouldn't be too late of a night though because my 7:00 class is taking a test and I told them they could just leave after the test instead of having a lecture then.

That brings us to Friday! I have big plans for a great day on Friday, so I'm really hoping they pan out as planned. I plan to go over to the Angelica in Plano/Frisco and see a movie. I also plan to hit up a couple of shops over there and have a nice relaxed day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm always telling everyone to vote for each election. Now this one isn't earth shattering in importance, BUT... I want to come up for an official name for my blog because I'm about to get a major overhaul to the blog design.

Be sure to vote over to the right. Also, if you have another idea, let me know in comments or via e-mail.

Come On!

I liked playing with my Strawberry Shortcake dolls when I was little. I was even happy to see S.S. make a comeback a couple of years ago.

It really goes without saying that I LOVE Carrie Bradshaw and all the gals from Sex and the City.

Now you may be saying to yourself "Where in the heck is she going with this story?" and I don't blame you, because in my mind Strawberry Shortcake and Carrie Bradshaw have no similarities or common threads! Never have been, never will be... but, the people at Dollar Tree have other ideas:

Exhibit 1: A Puzzle they are selling at Dollar Tree. This leads me to say "COME ON!" What in the Hell is going on in those production meetings? Who thought that it was a good idea to make a knock off Sex and the City puzzle for children? Maybe the kids wouldn't even know that it is a knock off of SATC, but seriously, aren't they tarting kids up enough these days?!

Dog = Kid

I know most people don't think I have any kids since I don't have any human kids, but let me tell you, I believe that my dog is just like a kid. I think even some of my friends would agree, as we are regularly comparing things Lola does to things their kids do.

Yesterday was the first day that we had to shake up or normal routine and get up early so I could make it to the 7 a.m. class that I'm subbing for. You wouldn't really think that would affect Lola much, I mean she wakes up, I feed her, she eats a few bites and then goes to lay on my bed until I leave, at which time she goes and lays on her bed until I could waking up an hour early really shake up her world?

Well let me tell you, it darn sure did! She was IMPOSSIBLE all day long. Nothing could make her happy and it wasn't as if I didn't try. She ran through the house whining all day. She would get in her kennel and then that didn't work for long, so she would move to the couch until that didn't satisfy her. It was crazy all day long! This dog was just seriously out of sorts... just like a kid that is off it's schedule.

Today we are back on schedule for the most part, but sadly tomorrow is going to come and I'm afraid we will be in for it again since it is another early morning. At least it is a short week!

For some good news (for me, not really like any of you are going to care!), I received a call from my hair lady telling me that she has started back doing one day a week in McKinney. HALLELUJAH! I won't have to make my bi-monthly drive to Sherman any longer. She changed my appointment from tomorrow in Sherman to McKinney today. I'm so happy. My head always feels so much lighter after getting a haircut, its really like a vacation for my neck. I always feel like I lost at least 5 lbs. even though I know I really didn't!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Food and Sleep

My goal for this weekend was to sleep as much as possible. For some reason on Friday, I realized that I was just exhausted! I had a list of about 10 things I needed to go and do on Friday afternoon, but decided that if I wasn't going to get any of those things done, at the least I would enjoy the chaise lounge chairs and the sun in my backyard. Problem was, that I laid down on the couch for a couple of minutes and woke up 2 hours later!

Yesterday was a busy day once it got started, but Lola and I slept in as late as we wanted first. I met Jennifer and Lisa over at Jasper's in The Shops at Legacy and had a great lunch celebrating Jennifer's birthday. I had the pork loin and it was wonderful. We ordered a side of the Gouda mac and cheese and it was very yummy too. We got the trio of mini desserts. The best thing on there was a rocky road ice cream sandwich. It was ice cream rolled in nuts, covered in marshmallow cream and caramel stuffed between two chocolate cookies...DELIGHTFUL! Then we all rolled ourselves out of there and went to a wedding shower.

Lola and I again slept in this morning. Today I have several things to do, but again, getting plenty of rest is in the forecast because as if I don't have enough things to do, I am substituting for another professor this week which means that I will have a 7 a.m. class on Monday and Wednesday before my 8 a.m. class. I will have to leave my house by 6:30 a.m. to get there, so I'm looking at a few early mornings this week. YUCK! At least it is a short week and there is no school and no Fitts & Castleman operations on Friday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week Update

I don't have anything all that exciting to report, but just a couple of follow-ups on various issues. In an effort to keep from having a schizophrenic post, I will number the various topics:

(1) Lola post-surgery report: Lola has been doing very well. You could never tell that she had surgery just a couple of weeks ago. This week she gave me a scare when I went to get my phone in the kitchen and turned around to see her drinking my morning orange juice out of my glass that was sitting on the coffee table. It doesn't seem to have caused her pancreas to flare up (Thank God!).

I took Lola to a new vet here in McKinney to have her stitches removed this morning at 8:00. I got a recommendation for a local vet (I could honestly walk to them in less than 5 minutes) from a friend. Lola really does need a local vet and I was hoping to find one that could remove the stitches and prevent me from having to drive to Wichita Falls just for stitch removal. The vet was really nice and even recommended a lower fat food than the one she is on (important for her pancreatic issues). He didn't even charge me which was nice, but probably he realized that Lola as a patient would be a cash cow!

Here is a picture of her this morning. I thought of taking a photo of her tummy so you could see how well it had healed up, but then decided to just take a cute one of her instead.

(2) Lola and the kennel issue: I don't remember if I mentioned this, but a while back, Lola decided that she didn't like her kennel anymore. When I would say, "Time for Bed", she would make a b-line to my room and jump up on my bed. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what had happened to the little dog who would automatically run into her kennel when I shut the T.V. off at night. I started thinking about it and realized that her whole life, I gave her little treat when she went into the kennel at night. I had stopped this practice when I had to stop giving her treats back in January. I started back with the practice of giving her a "treat" at night again ("treat" = three pieces of her vet approved kibble), and wouldn't you know it, she is now willingly running into her kennel at again!
(3) UN face treatment update: So far so good on the new face products from around the globe via Sephora. Nothing has made me swell or have any allergic reactions and I could swear I look at least a year younger already :) The only problem I'm having is with the Greek Honey Thyme moisturizer...the problem is that it smells like the Greek Yogurt with Honey that I love and so every night when I put it on, it makes me hungry!
(4) More shopping: I did a little more shopping today. Belk is having a huge sale and I was able to get an Izod sweater for $6.50 (saved $45 off the regular price). It is really more of a fall/winter sweater, but I can have it new for next year. I bought a couple of things at Ann Taylor today that I've been eyeing for a while and also stopped by the Gap Outlet for a few new springy things.
(5) Sustainer: Those of you not in Junior League cannot appreciate this as much of those friends of mine in League, but I went online yesterday and made my selection to be a sustainer as of next year. So exciting! In Junior League of Plano, you have to serve 7 years before you can sustain (1 provisional year and 6 active years). Once you are a sustainer, your dues go way down and you don't HAVE to do anything. Of course if you still want to participate and volunteer for things you can, but you have absolutely no requirements. I am finishing my last project for my committee today and then have one more committee meeting in a couple of weeks and I am DONE!!!!
(6) Spa Week: This is something great called Spa Week. It is a week in April and October where participating spas have treatments for $50. Treatments vary depending of the spa. I scheduled a spa day at Hotel Zaza's spa for April 15th for me and my friend Suzanna. We are having massages at 10 a.m. and then they are going to order lunch for us from The Dragonfly restaurant there at the hotel and have it brought over to the spa for us after our massages. We are so excited! If you are interested in Spa Week and want to check on it in your area, you can go to the following website for more information: You should hurry though because they only do so many discounted treatments and they book up fast.


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